Alright boys and girls in total cliche Coach Z fashion.

And Here we Go…..

The 2012 Crossfit Regional Season kicks off today. The last stop before the Crossfit Games will come for many athlete each week. Whats that mean? Time to start calling out names. Who is your favorites to win this weekend?


I don’t know about you but that makes me want to grab a beer and fuckin fire up ESPN 8 “The Ocho” (Click Here).

Two HUGE Regionals in one weekend, we got the stacked South East and our action Packed neighbors to the North, Canada West. (Click Here)

Now if your not familiar with either of these Regions or the not to be forgotten South Central Region here are some links to the these Regions final Open standings.

South East – Click Here

Canada West – Click Here

South Central – Click Here

Alright folks, time to put your money where your mouth is. Lets hear your picks. You dont have to pick from each Region if your unfamiliar with any of the athlete or simple don’t care. Also feel free to rant about any dark horses to watch out for or any Team your pulling for. We’ll have a white board here at the I/C mother gym filling up with peoples pick.

So who’s it gonna be….

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9 Responses to ““WHAT TIME IS IT!!!””

  1. And I’m getting my picks and rants in right away.

    South East

    I cant tell you how pumped I am for this fucking Regional. I know this is a stacked Region but in my mind this is coming down to a two horse Race in the Mens Division.

    On one side you have Brandon “The Juggernaut” Phillips. I’ve been a fan of the 5’11 two hundred and fifteen pound Phillips since he burst onto the scene back when there were sectionals. His lifts and trap were huge in comparison to the competition back in the day and as a former wrestler I could help but cheer for the guy.

    But he is not alone in the Region as far as sure Beastly Domination goes.

    AJ Moore is 5’6 but may as well be ten feet tall and weigh 300 pounds, this boy could out intensity Captain Insano any day. As the video of above stated AJ missed qualifying by one spot last year. But they left out the part that he was the guy that got knocked for almost 70 kettlebell swings in the 100’s workout.

    Maybe this will help

    Even with all that rage I still see it going

    Phillips – 1st
    Aj Moore – Second

    But you never know

    South East Ladies

    Talayna Fortunato – 1st
    Emily Bridger – 2nd

    I dont know how Talayna didnt get mentioned but she’s a beast.

    South Central

    I’m personally a fan of the heavy hitters and big boys so my votes go this way.

    Zeph Littleton – 1st
    Aja Barto – 2nd

    I am calling this out though, Aja first man to clear the WOD 5 Snatch Ladder.

    Women – Sorry to say I have no dog in this fight

    And time for the choices we all want to make.


    Now anyone familiar with the blog or the I/C knows we are big in Canada. I think we have more Club supports in the Great white North then we do in our home state of Washington. And so not only am I familiar with these athletes but have met and know many of them.

    So who’s it gonna be?

    Well if any of you were around for last year Games picks you know I had Canada West love as a Dark Horse pick to win it all. Unlike all the Froning Clever picks all over the board. I like to take risks.

    So yet again I’m going with the Bearded Brawler that reminds me more of Gimil from LOTR then someone you’d see in a Traditional Crossfit Regional competition. But that why I’m picking the 180 pounder I saw snatch 275 pounds yet again this year.

    Lucas Parker – 1st

    And bringing home second and punching his ticket for this year Games.

    Tyson Takasaki – Second

    Tyson took 3rd last year in Canada west which only sends two athletes and then was part of Crossfit Taranis’s 3rd place Crossfit Games Team.

    Speaking of Crossfit Taranis, some people may not know this but they run things up in Canada West.

    Individual Women

    If you guys don’t remember Alicia Connors then you must not have been with the I/C blog to long.

    Alicia was the last story in this years Strong is Beautiful series. Her story was told by Taranis Coach and BC.RedNose Chris Schaalo. The Club is rooting for Alicia, but she has her hands full with her training partner and 10th fittest women in the world Angie Pye.

    Gotta say it’ll be a dog fight but it goes

    Angie – 1st
    Alicia – 2nd

    Both going to the games for a second year.

    And I will chime in on Team here. Taranis Qualified two Teams this year and I see it going like this.

    Team Taranis – 1st
    Team Taranis 2nd

    Thats right I said it.

    Good luck to all competing

  2. Oooh I just gotta disagree with you!

    Canada West –

    Women – Angie and Alicia for sure.
    Men – Tyson Takasaki and Jason Cain (Cain just moved to the West is sitting first overall and won last year’s Canada East Regional)

    Teams – Team Taranis and Synergy Strength ( Synergy is from good old Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and ready to kill it this year!

    • BOOM…. Look at that someone from Canada beat all the hometown I/C to the boards.

      I agree Tysons got a real shot at taking first but you can’t count a guy with a beard out, its just science.

      And I’ll be waiting to hear about Synergy Strength progress this weekend. Your pics will be up on our board.

  3. Here’s my Canada West choice:

    1. Lucas Parker- and no I’m not choosing him based on the fact that he’s a badass athlete, choosing him based on the fact that he’s freaking funny and he gives me shit for how much chalk I use
    2. Jeremy Meridith- people have mentioned they think he focused too much on his strength during the off season which made them doubt his capabilites of making it this year, but if there was a year that focusing too much on strength during the off season would really come in handy this is the year

    1: Angie pye
    2. Alicia Connors
    Don’t think I need to explain why

    Taranis 1 and 2
    *first because they are badass, second… Because they are badass 🙂

    • South East:

      Men: 1. Brandon Philips 2. Jason Ingham
      Women: 1. Emily Bridgers 2. Talayna Fortunato
      Team: no call

      South Central:

      Men: 1. Aja Barto- he’s a beast haha and check out his profile pic screams “i’m gonna take regionals” (or lock up your kids)
      2. Jason Hoggan
      Women: 1. Candice Ruiz
      2. Azadeh Boroumand
      Team: 1. CrossFit Central hands down! they’ve got Jeremy Theil and Carey Kepler… nuff said
      2. CrossFit Dallas Central

  4. South East
    Phillips and Chase “No I didn’t play QB at Missouri” Daniels
    Bridgers and someone tell Fortunato that HQ is testing this week

    South Central
    I need to do some more homework

    And our neighbors up North
    Canada West
    John Cain is Able and Teenwolf
    Pye and Connors
    Taranis and CFFV (This will get everyone in Canada in a bunch if this comes true)

  5. The beard man cometh! You sure called that one!

  6. **OFF TOPIC for a sec…
    Once Were Warriors trailer for Zach and Nickay

    …well the song in the beginning kind of applies to the title of this post, but that’s reaching a bit.

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