“These hands are lucky, I can feel it…”

Alright guy let’s try and forget that The Avengers is coming out this weekend for a few second. Why? Because it’s time to get your picks in for this weekends bout of competitive exercise(Click Here).

We got four Regionals coming your way this weekend, two of them LOADED with marauders.

Same format as last week. Feel free to Pick as many of the Top three Men, Women and Teams as you’d like. Don’t ever count Dark Horse or Long shots out(Click Here). Feel free to plead your case in comments along with your choices.

Below I have all four Regions listed with the two Intercontinental Events being the Show Stoppers(Click Here) this weekend. 

Asia – Click Here

Africa – Click Here

South West – Click Here

Mid Atlantic – Click Here

Who’s feeling lucky on picks?

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5 Responses to ““These hands are lucky, I can feel it…””

  1. Lets get this shit started…

    South West

    This is such a loaded mens Division its hard to make choices but here I go

    1st Place – Matt Chan

    These workouts just have his name written all over them, think htis is Chans year as a Regional Champ.

    2nd Place – Chris Spealler

    I know, I know not a little guys Regional but this is Chris Spealler we’re talking about here. The mans a god damn living legend and spent the off season putting on a shit load of rip.

    3rd Place – Zach Forrest

    First off I’ve always been a fan of Zachs. The first year he showed up on the scene he had a strong showing and spelled his name like a champ so he had my vote. I didnt realize how small Zach was though til I met him at out Regional that year(when Nevada was still in the Northwest Region).

    Zach spent his off season like Chris putting on some Rip, though he is still rather small. What I didnt know was Zach was a former Seal that got into crossfit cause of Dave Castro, Weird.

    Zachs got a great video up today on the Games sight which makes him move even higher on my list of favorite athletes.

    Dark Horse Part Spoiler – Matt Hathcok, don’t forget this name all weekend he has a chance to bust up the top 3 if not try and make a run at the title.

    There are a full host of other men competitors that I can rant about but thats it for today.


    1st – Becky Conzelman

    A regional champ from last year that jump divisions and gyms who is now training at Skip Millers Front Range Crossfit. That is a legit as program that a legit athlete found herself in.

    2nd – Jasmine Dever

    Another Front Range girl with big numbers and a legit training partner in Conzelman, Front Range might put the hurt on the top two.

    3rd – Cheri Chan

    Fuck off I love the long shots, and she brings it every year


    Hacks Pack – I cant imagine this team not winning setting up a big run at the games this year.

    Mid Atlantic

    1st Place – Thomas Hooton

    I know doesn’t seem like the choice everyone is gonna be making but I think this is Hoots year.

    2nd Place – Ben Smith

    The kid is totally Game and I believe with a second place finish at the Regional level it’ll get him on track to make another run at the podium this year at the Games.

    3rd Place -Nate Schader

    If I had picked this last week I would have said Schader in 1st or 2nd. But he is apparently suffering from a back injury. But I think the former special ops and OPT dispel will rise to the occasion. Schader owns a 335 power clean, a UNBROKEN Grace and a sub 7 helen he logged while in the middle east on tour when he first found Crossfit. DOn’t sleep on “The Viking” he is coming to make the Games.

    Dark Horse Party Spoilers –

    Yes Sean Thomson took second in the Open. but lets see what he does at this level. Remember second in the open is still like 100 points behind fronning and you cant say everything will play out the same from those results.

    My actually juggernaut Dark Horse pick that is gonna fuck shit up this weekend is Rory Hanlin.

    Yeah Rory didnt do “Amazing” in the open. But at 6’3 225 pounds that wouldnt be expected. Rory does have a sub 230 fran and a 260 pound POWER SNATCH. You also pair up a sub 1 minute 400 meter with a 600 pound dead and I’m puling for yet another OPT athlete and partner of Nates in their new gym Iron Forged Athletics.


    1st – Cameron Williams

    Girl is solid performer

    2nd – Christy Phillips

    3rd – Emily Pale

    Dark Horse Party Spoiler –

    Jennifer Butler I’ll just say look her up.

  2. Nickay Says:

    Men: Brice Collier (he a fucking Air Force grad)
    Women: Christen Wagner (see squats more than she deadlifts, I like that)
    Sorry, not putting wagers down on a region where 70 on WOD 12.2 got you ninth place.
    Mid Atlantic
    1. Ben Smith (3rd place last year)
    2. Nate Schrader (Even know Z says he has a back injury he is going to dominate the 3 strength workouts en route to the Games once again (a little worried about WOD 4 though))
    3. Sean Thomson (he will fall a little but still make it)
    1. Cameron Williams (I like strong women)
    2. Jen Jones (Second in 12.2 and a gymnast)
    3. Michelle Crawford (I like hockey)
    Dark horse: Tanya Wagner. Only reason not been an ind. thorn was from having a child and going team last year. Champs answer the bell
    Crossfit Explode just because the name is so Crossfit
    1. Chan (like Z said, these workouts are attuned to him)
    2. Forrest (gotten stronger but still falls short)
    3. Spealler (struggles with a few heavier exericses but still gets in)
    1. Dever (You heard it hear first. You take out away the burpees of 12.1 and Jasmine Dever was the best athelete. Ain’t no burpees hiding in the bushes)
    2.Conzelman (Winners win)
    3.Emmalee Moore (Took 5th in the open while Fire Academy while getting weighed down by burpees. Strong atheletes having been dominating)
    Hacks Pack (two reasons 1. the other top teams have lost their big guns and 2. I went to Utah Jerry, I broke Utah records, I’m a Ute Jerry!)

    • Nickay Says:

      Since Cameron Williams is going team (who would have thought the #1 person in a region would go team) I moving my dark horse in the 3rd slot.

  3. Southwest:
    Men: 1. Matt Chan (best strength #s, yet still has good gymnastics, especially for a bigger dude)
    2. Chris Spealler- who doesn’t love the man? plus his back squat is higher than Forrest’s 😉
    3. Zach Forrest- he did do better than the other two in the open, but he only beat spealler by 2 snatches which gave him a 25pt lead on him and it looks like spealler kind of just cruised through the last wod so i’m saying spealler will come back and overtake him

    Women: 1. Jasmine Dever- hit 15 snatches @120, pr snatch is 150+, still got 18 mu’s in the mu workout, has 40 pullups in a row, back squats 300#s, deads nearly 400,
    2. Colleen Maher- won their region in the open, snatched 120 7 times, did great in bw but is obviously strong so callin her after dever
    3. Emmalee Moore- the burpees knocked her down in the open, but f burpees, i think she’ll squeeze in

    Team: 1. Hacks Pack UTE (dont think i need to explain) 2. Front Range 3. CrossFit Verve

    Mid Atlantic:
    Men: 1. Ben Smith- well 1 we all know how he did in last years’ games, but on top of that he’s been proven on the big stage unlike Sean thomson, i think ben will come back and say “f ur burpee score, i snatch 50 more #s than you, next to my fridge
    2. Sean Thomson- idk why it is driving me nuts to put him in the top 3 so i’m not sure why i am, but i think he will be despite the fact i dont think i want him to
    3. Nate Schrader- wish i could say him higher but with his back thing i think he’ll still make it but i dont think he’ll do as well as he is capable

    Women: 1. Cameron Williams- demolished the snatch wod, hit 21 mu’s, she’s a freaking tank! she’s me+23 #s which clearly doesn’t hinder her bw
    2. Jenn Jones: clean and jerks 185, snatches 155 clearly doesn’t have an issue with strength but she’s also only 5’5”, was a former collegiate gymnast, and was 4th in last years regionals so she’s coming back with a vengence
    3. Gretchen Kittelberger: past games competitor, could come back in a take it overall but i’ll give the other girls a chance, she’s got awesome strength #s and obviously solid bw

    Team:1. RAW Training: teams has competed in the games that last 2 years, 20th in 2010, 12th in 2011 they’re making a run for it

    Men: 1. David Levey 2. Danie Du Preez (i have faith 😉 )
    Women: 1. Ricka Deidericks 2. Wilna Appel (they said she was their leading lady but her strength numbers blow) f i’m moving to africa!

    Men: 1. Daniel Hershey- won their snatch wod didn’t do bad in the bw movements
    2. Joseph Rank

    Women: 1. Feng Yi Chew 2. Christen Wagner
    Team: Reebok Crossfit Asia (i’ll be honest there are only like 4 teams soooooo my $$$ is on reebok 😉 )

  4. Adrian Says:

    1. Ben Smith
    2. Thomas Hooton
    3. Nate Schrader

    1. Christy Phillips
    2. Michelle Crawford
    3. Gretchen Kittelberger

    1. Matt Chan
    2. Zach Forrest
    3. Chris Spealler

    1. Jasmine Dever
    2. Tiffany Hendrickson
    3. Becky Conzelman

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