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“Only suckers Buck the Tiger, the odds are all on the House”

Posted in Competition on May 10, 2012 by fiman61

Hopefully you have seen The Avengers already so you spend your time on more important things this weekend, and no I do not mean Dark Shadows. No I’m talking about Week 3 of Regionals.

We got four Regionals coming your way this weekend, one with the past two champions competing for a place in this years Crossfit Games.

Same format as prior weeks. Feel free to Pick as many of the Qualifying Men, Women and Teams as you’d like. The American regions are sending 3 each, Canada 2 each, and only a single competitor from Latin America. If you want, throw some facts supporting your picks along with your choices.

Here are the four Regions. Furthermore in a first, the slobberknocker which is the Central East this weekend will be broadcasted live on ESPN 3. Click Here.

Latin America- Click Here

Southern California- Click Here

Canada East – Click Here

Central East- Click Here

Time to seperate the Men/Women from the Boys/Girls.

Posted By: Nickay