“I’ll Make ya Famous…”

Here we go folks, Regionals Week four, and with the HOTTLY contested Norcal Reason underway this weekend it’s time to put your money where your mouth it.

What not enough HYPE for you? How bout this little vid hearing the boys of Norcal sound off about eachother. Jason Khalipa talking about Blair is pretty entertaining.

Still not enough Drama? Well how about this, Pat Barber is now OUT. Woke up Monday with stomach pains by mid week his appendix was out. Now shits interesting.

Same format as prior weeks. Feel free to Pick as many of the Qualifying Men, Women and Teams as you’d like. All Regions are sending 3 each, with Norcal potentially sending 4 if you pick Khalipa in your top 3 . If you want, throw some facts supporting your picks along with your choices.

NorCal – Click Here

North Central – Click Here

Australia – Click Here

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3 Responses to ““I’ll Make ya Famous…””

  1. Wish this one was on to watch expecting some fireworks from the boys in NorCal

    Norcal Team

    1st – TJ Gym
    2nd – RCF Honey Badgers
    3rd – Crossfit 808

    Norcal Women

    1st – Jenny Labaw
    2nd – Annie the Living Legend
    3rd – Miranda Oldroyd (Fuck it thats right I said it)

    NorCal Men – King of the Mountain

    1st – Jason Khalipa
    2nd – Neal Maddox
    3rd – Blair Morrtison

    and 4th because of Khalipas bid – Gabe Subbry

    North Central


    1st – Pastorek
    2nd – Allen
    3rd – Kyle Kasperbauer


    1st – Carson
    2nd Tovar
    3rd – Akinwale


    1st Crossfit Omaha



    1st Hogan
    2nd Forte


    1st – The sheep herder all the way

  2. Norcal
    1 Elyse Umeda
    2 Sarah Pierce
    3 Ashley Carrivveau
    1 Khalipa (Experience)
    2 Maddox
    3 Joey Warren
    4 (Khalipa in bid) Blair Morrison
    1 Honey Badgers
    2 NorCal
    3 808
    1. Amy
    1 Forte
    1 Schwartz
    North Central
    1 Carson, she went to UNI, she’s a Panther Z!
    2 Akinwale
    3 Tovar
    Dark Horse: Hopeful Olympian Keysha Benzing
    1 Pastorek
    2 Kniep
    3 Allen
    1 QCCF
    2 Omaha
    3 Rockford

  3. And I was going to root for Barber on his beard alone…

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