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Posted in Competition on May 22, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Two years ago a Team I was part of represented the Club at the first NorthWest Regionals that actually had a Team qualifier. The Team was  raw, very Raw, and some  on it had little to NO competitive Crossfit experience. That crew was also the first time I started CC programing on anyone outside a few individuals that I trained or shared a bloodline with.

That Team was a big turning point for me as a Coach.

That Team has trained with me every since. Again this coming weekend all six of those individuals will take the floor to represent the Red, Black and Grey. Five from that Team qualified inside the top 30 in our Regional Open this year. The other is the strength anchor for our ladies on this weekends Team.

Those athletes are what I like to in my head refer to as my RedNose Original.
Without them there wouldn’t be a Team this year, there wouldn’t be a Program followed by others outside the walls of our home gym. I owe them a lot, more then they know.

But this weekend isn’t only just about them. Its not about the 6 person Team we have going or the 5 Individuals we have representing. It’s about the Club, the Club is the community, its our Colors, its what we fight and brawl for. We do it to make those that support us proud. We’d just be competitors if it wasn’t for all of you, you make us Real Athletes.

It’s tradition to post a video or something on friday for those about to compete. But instead I’ve decided to allow you all the chance to wish those competing luck today if you can’t make it this weekend. Fridays post we’ll be a message board where Nickay will tirelessly try to Coach and keep you all updated at the same time.

As far as addressing the Team with word of encouragement or a public rant about putting boots to asses I figured I’d step out of my usual type cast role and simple say this.

Good Luck…

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