“Welcome, to another Edition of ThunderDome…”

The Circus is coming Back to town…

Anyone up for lifting, carrying or throwing Heavy Shit again this year? The Iron Club’s Annual PipeHitters Classic is back on for its third Straight Year. As usual we will be holding a single day, 3 event competition with a 4th finalist workout to end the day. If it’s anything like the past there could be a 5th tie breaker workout.

We dont do Ties a PipeHitters.

We don’t do anything Traditional Really. PipeHitters is about testing Gravel in your Gut and Grit. And if you think we tapped out all the weird shit we could have you do last year, you’re wrong.

Maybe you missed last years throwdown or the brawl we had out in a throwing pit the year before. If you want a taste of what to expect here it is.

Click Here to attend the Event and get PHC Announcement on Facebook.

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