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“Tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon”

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Once again the age old OCS post motto “The Universe Provides” has come through. Today while sitting in my office my phone let me know that I was cced on a Facebook post by OCIC member Joey. When I had some free time I went online to see what was up and all I saw was this picture.

Instantly I was hooked like a 15 year watching the Victoria Secret Runway show. Why is there a potrait of a gorilla in a Redskins jersey? So I decided to click on the story behind the picture and find out it concerns Trent Williams, offensive tackle for the Redskins (which makes the football jersey connection). Apparrently Trent considers himself a silverback and standing at 6’5″ 300+ lbs of road grating mass I am not one to disagree with him. In fact he has taken the nickname to the next level by making sure everyone knows he is a Silverback, having the above potrait created for himself (hey it’s better than the centaur self potraits A-Rod has of himself) and this beauty.

That is perhaps the most ridicilous piece of athlete bling I have ever seen. It ain’t the most expensive but Jesus, Maria, Josef it is flipping huge! I would like to extend Trent an Old Country invite on this alone. But Trent can’t be the only one, there are other athletes who are OCS and don’t know it, yet…

Marshawn Lynch

Ok, this is a gimme seeing as we have already done a post on Beast mode but the man is OCS through and through (plus playing for Seattle don’t hurt much). I mean look at the grill.

Jeremy Shockey

Shockey is a different cookie. After losing a game in junior college, Shockey literally ate dirt so he would never forget how bad losing tasted. Always the loose cannon, Jeremy joins this list not because of his tattoo collection (though impressive) but because of his ride. You see Jeremy had a favorite show he liked to watch as a kid and when he older he decided he would get himself that exact car to drive around NYC in. What car you say?

That’s right, he bought an exact replica of the General Lee.The General Lee is easily the third best T.V. car of all time (behind K.I.T.T. and the Batmobile). The combination of pop culture and not giving a fuck of driving a car with the Confederate Flag in New York is powerful combination.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson likes to roughhouse with his pet tigers. And that’s all I got to say about that.

These guys have shown that it you really want to up your OCS stock than you simply need to roll around town in the General Lee with a grill literally spelling out your badassness with a 200k diamond chain of a Silverback swallowing the state of Texas all at the same time you have a tiger running shotgun. Not too hard at all.

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