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“This is Your Life and it’s Ending One Minute at a Time…”

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The AntiHero 2nd Edition

Let’s take a quick revisit to some of last Fridays article highlights.

First we have what we in the Filer Family like to refer to as True Heros:

“True Heroes are not supposed to cheat, lie, fight dishonorably, or kill. The “end justifes the means” mindset does not apply to them. They are not driven by personal gain, be it for money or for revenge.”

Examples were: Superman, Captain America and Luke Skywalker

But if you Read last weeks article, then you know our Clan isnt to particular to True Heros. No, we like to throw in with the AntiHero Crowd:

“The definition of an AntiHero is a protagonist who is whose character is contrary to that of the typical hero, yet typically retains many heroic qualities. Antiheroes straddle the line between right and wrong.”

Examples were: Wolverine,Rorshank and Han Fuckin Solo 

If that defitintion or those example didnt make it click well for you then here is a more base Ogre description:

“Pirates, scallywags, smugglers and soldiers of fortune don’t fall into the True Hero category, No folks those are AntiHeros…”

Example: “TIA”

Smoking: Like a Chimney
Drinking: Africa is Hot as fuck, Water? I think not
Smart Ass/Demeaning Sense of Humor: “Ts ts ts ts. I’m from Rhodesia.” We say Zimbabwe now, don’t we? “Do we?” 
Cynicism to someone trying to “Save the World”: Check

Danny Archer – TIA was his tag line, but with his list of attributes he should have dropped FTW a bit more often.

Cult AntiHero/Example: “Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We are God’s unwanted children? So be it!” 

Disturbing History facts about stuff No one Really wants to talk about but him: “Human sacrifices were once made on the hills above this river. Bodies burnt, water speeded through the wood ashes to create lye.” 
Ironically Out of Date clothes that are cool because said AntiHero does all of their shopping at pawnshops: Check
Self Mutilation that “ok” Because it’s part of some “lesson” that only makes sense to the misunderstood AntiHero: “Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”
“Our Fathers were Models for God”, Family Issues: This is pretty much a given to be a AntiHeros

Tyler Durden – When he tells you to except your gonna die, you take it and justifie it as “Premature enlightenment.” And we love him anyways.

“The Monster” AntiHero/Example: “I check the list. Rubber tubing, gas, saw, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchet, Gladys, and my mitts.”

Fighten the Cops: They always seem to on the take though 
Heavily Medicated: “Take anothe pill Marv, Settles Down.”
Talkin bout the Ol Days: And those Day always seem pretty Rough
Face or Body thats Heavly Scarred: CHECK

Marv – “Most people think Marv is crazy. He just had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong century. He’d be right at home on some ancient battlefield swinging an axe into somebody’s face. Or in a Roman arena, taking his sword to other gladiators like him.” Think that about sums it up…

The Avenging/AntiHero: “Suddenly I heard a Tapping, as of someone gently Rapping, Rapping at my chamber door.” 

Constantly in the Shadows: Lets just hit the Check button
Saving the Troubled Youth: Check
FlashBacks caused by contact with an Object or Person: Check
The wearing of Women’s Jewelry in Mourning: Check
Leather Trench Coat: Check
Violently Taking the Fight back to those that wronged them: CHECK

Eric Draven: The Crow spawned a series of White Face Painted vigilantes, every AntiHero inspiration that came from Eric Draven was defiantly part of the Not Fuckin Around Crew. “Guess it’s not a good day to be a bad guy, huh, Skank?”

I could keep this up all night but I wont. If you didnt notice for the most part items from each character do apply to the other. They’re all inherently flawed, but isn’t that what draws us to them? The raw realism of what most of them are feeling. Yeah sure maybe you dont fall into the absolute traumatic life experience catergory. But odds are something has happened to you that shaped you. Odds are it may not even seem important to other people but to you its somethign that defines you. Yes AntiHeros don’t alway fight the good fight, but as Nickay said they do always do good in the end. And usually it’s unsung. The “Unsung Hero” is a common thread in modern society. The above listed AntiHeros moved in shadow and operated outside the usual realm of what people consider normal. But when their story is told it grips you and motivates you.

AntiHeros helped shape my life growing up. Comics, movies and Novels there was always someone flawed that inside you wished you were just a little more like cause in the end even though they were haunted they were free, they didnt follow rules and they didnt take shit from anyone. And that in its own way is heroic.

We’re gonna wrap this up next week with Two more AntiHeros that will finish out this list in style folks.

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