“If you train like an Athlete chances are your Gonna look like one.”

Coach Martone told me that one time when we were talking about how some girls worry about bulking up from lifting. I have a similar saying from that about training.

“If you train like an Athlete you could get hurt like one.”

If there is one thing The Club is good at its selling out as hard as possible when the chips are down in competition. And when you put it all on the line and decided to get Reckless chances are something could get busted.

I have personal pulled, sprained, torn and broken my way through the last couple years. Few of my injuries have come in training. They usually happen to you at the point where you make that choice to be a little Dangerous(CLICK HERE). And no matter how much I preach safety there is a similar Kamikaze Mindset that runs through those that go out and Represent the Red, Black and Grey.

Most of them can’t help it. They’ve all grown with me as athletes as I’ve grown personally with them as a Coach. And honestly a Do or Die Attitude seems to run thick with us. There was only one member of my Competition Team this year that didnt start his career with us and he’s been with the Club awhile now and we consider him family.

So besides the Bond of Time and a All or Nothing way of going about things, we have something else that keeps us running.
I like to call him my “Field Medic,” but really he’s more then that, he’s my good friend.

I’m talking about Club veteran Skylar Pond. 

Sky has the sometimes unfortunate job of trying to put all the Clubs rabble-rousers back together. You see when someone in the I/C gets banged up I turn them over to Sky. Skys a chiropractor, but I think saying that kind of down plays what he really does. When I recommend people to see Sky I tell them he’s again much more then just a base title. He handles it all, be it Body maintenance which anyone training like an athlete is in need of or Injuries both Life Long and Recent. Sky will get you back in the firefight.

About a Year Ago Skylar decided to take a big step in his career and open his own Practice, Excellence Chiropractic.

Sky just informed me this Sunday that they have their new site up and running. You can click the following link to go see what I can vouch for as one of the top practices in the Seattle area.

Excellence Chiropractic Click Here

Most who follow this site or know me, know my storied history of breaking the shit out of myself. But what I’d like is to hear from you guys. If you’ve had Sky help you out before please feel free to list your experience to comments, you know the guy deserves a little praise every now and then.

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9 Responses to ““Medic…””

  1. I could write a whole page on how Sky has fixed me up, but I will name a couple of the really notables. First off, having grown up with a mild case of scoliosis I have had some form of chiropractic care for a good portion of my life. But I must say, Sky has been by far the best. It’s really nice to be able to go in and say “I did XYZ and this is what hurts” without getting the thousand yard stare because they have no clue what the heck you are talking about. Or, they just say “don’t do that anymore”.

    First time he fixed a bad adjustment from another Chiropractor when I couldn’t move my neck. Second, I had a bad pull on a deadlift that caused me to be introduced to the wonders of Graston.

    Then a couple of big ones, I basically lost the full use of my right wrist for seven plus months. After cortisone shots, therapy and what not I still couldn’t clean or front squat or do a lot of stuff with bent wrists without excruciating pain. He used his Graston magic touch and it finally healed.

    Finally, he took what was what felt like a baseball sized hunk of scar tissue in my hamstring from an earlier injury and reduced it to almost nothing. I think this had a lot to do with how I was finally able to improve on a number of my lifts as that was no longer a nagging issue.

    There’s more but that’s the quick rundown. Sky is fantastic, he understands how hard everyone works and that “just quit working out that way” really isn’t an option (for the long term). He will do whatever it takes to get you back in fighting shape. That reminds me, I need to get in for a tune up!

    Thanks for all that you do Sky!

    • Deb Nicholson Says:

      Skylar is awesome, always a good time with Graston! Pain and bruises and then amazingly you feel better and things move more easily! Weird…

  2. I can’t put into words how much my entire family has benefited from going to Sky. We’re big advocates of chiropractic care and didn’t realize how ineffective our adjustments were with the old doc until just the first visit with Sky. Wow! He’s great with the boys and has the perfect insight into how Ryan and I live our lives and treat our bodies. We’ve had Graston, traction, etc, all with great results.

    I need a rib put back in place, I’m coming in!

  3. Sky is incredible at what he does! He helped me towards my right shoulder issues, and since then it’s been 100% (knock on wood). I miss the twice a week adjustments, and believe it or not….kinda miss the grastoning too. Ha, weird. A total professional and constantly learning how to be better at his craft….I would and have recommended anyone close to me to be taken care of by Sky. Plus he makes a mean Americano!

  4. Destiny Says:

    About a year and a half ago, I messed up my shoulder – first by tweaking it, then by trying to ignore the pain and doing things I shouldn’t have for another week and a half. Then, one morning, I couldn’t lift my coffee cup or get things off shelves. I’m not going to lie – I was scared that I’d done something really, really bad and maybe permanent. It took some time, but Sky fixed me up. I’ve had to see him a few more times on shoulder issues, hip pain, and once for my “snuff box” – that spot where your thumb meets your wrist. Every time, I walk out feeling less broken, and on the road to recovery. As someone who spent more than her fair share of time NOT being athletic, it means the world to me to be able to keep going.

    Also, after an adjustment, I think I’m just a little taller, and I can use all the help I can get there. 😉

    Seriously, thanks for everything Sky!

  5. I have joined the frequent flier club at EC. Two months ago excruciating back and leg pain kept me up for night’s on end. I could barely hobble around the box and taking a jolting bus to work was a nightmare. My conversation with my doctor was unsatisfactory, to say the least. Coach Z insisted I give Dr Pond a try. He spent an hour with me, testing, and most importantly, listening. After a few adjustments he suggested I come again and we could discuss a treatment plan. Sounded scary. Dr P called that evening to see how I was feeling. Pretty cool. We agreed on a plan and after about a week I could sleep through the night. I was back at XF doing minor stretching in a month and now, after two months, am hoping to begin a modified daily WOD next week. My goal (I should say our goal) was to avoid back surgery. I have a ways to go, but wouldn’t be where I am without EC. Also, super great location, good vibe, professional, and I love the connection with other elements of the facility. Trying a massage Friday. Thanks, Sky!

  6. Thank you all for indulging Zach in this shameless public pandering. It’s the support of the OCIC that has helped me to create this practice that has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Thank you for trusting me with the job of getting you back on your feet and back in the ring.

  7. hmmmmm where to begin…

    shoulder, hip, knee, adductor, back you name it sky’s fixed it on me.

    started last summer after i busted my shoulder pretty bad at regionals, sky worked a lot on my shoulder to get it back so i could use it, he continues maintenance work on it every week or whenever i can get in to see him which is fantastic, i wasn’t able to use it for 4 month after the injury but sky’s work has helped me achieve my CMS and MS in the long cycle, 2 weeks ago i was able to overhead squat 175# for basically 4 reps in a row and my shoulder had never felt so stable and yesterday i ohs 185#

    last summer i strained my adductor pretty bad, i couldn’t even airsquat, one session with sky and i was able to squat again and a few sessions later was back to squatting over 200 lbs

    sky kept me together during the open, leading up to regionals and now working on any bumps and bruises i got during the competition.

    like z said, train like an athlete you’re going to get hurt like an athlete, if it’s not one thing it’s another, or its all of them combined and honestly i would not still be in the game if it weren’t for sky, every one should see him, just like z said if its just for maintanence work or something more than that he’ll fix you up!

    and thanks sky for everything you do!

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