“America…F#$k Yeah!”

This week a beautiful woman I know is having her birthday. And while some women don’t like people knowing their age (basically all the woman in life but my daughter), this special lady doesn’t care. That special lady’s name is Liberty and as the good ole U. S. of A. is turning 236 years old we decided to celebrate her a little early.

So this July 4th ask yourself: Have you been taking your vitamins and saying your prayers…

Stopped a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world…

Said hi to an alien invader…

So help us start the celebrate the 4th early by posting something patriotic in comments. I want videos with explosions, America beating [insert random douchebag country] in competition, Chuck Norris, because as the post of this states…

Posted by Nickay

7 Responses to ““America…F#$k Yeah!””

  1. Score one for the Good Guys….

  2. New Orleans!
    Detroit City!
    Pittsburgh, PA!
    New York City!
    Kansas City!
    Chicago and LA!

  3. Well, it’s been quite on here today and there’s so much Fuck Yeah America material out there, so here are a few that came to mind over the course of the day…

    Nothing says America Fuck Yeah like explosives and “Big Ass Titties!”

    This about sums it all up perfectly though:

    I’ll also throw a classic in there

    and Rambo destroying bitches


  5. fiman61 Says:

    Fuck you France…

  6. All of the above is totally hilarious.

    Just got done reading the declaration of independence, bill of rights and some of the constitution (hard read, esoteric in the extreme, as it should be) You should read at least the first two, and consider what these people were up against. Talk about GAME. These people stood up against the unquestioned ruler of the world and said we won’t stand for it. We’ll die if we must, but you won’t own me.

    Then they paid with their blood. Then they won.

    Then all these rich white educated privileged dudes spent the next two decades painstakingly constructing an unprecedented system based on greek democracy and enlightenment thought of the universality of peoples intelligence and wisdom…with checks and balances of course. A place where you’re free to do what you will, but your freedom ends at my nose.

    They did an incredible job. Their experiment and comittment to making real what is just is one of the great achievements of mankind. EVER. It has inspired people around the world, and become the standard to which people seek to live a life of deserved dignity.

    So I’m grateful to be an American. The Framers, the soldiers, and the defenders of the constitution can and should be proud. Thank you all.



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