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“What if your Enemy is Three inches in Front of you….”

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On Sepetember 6th 2010 the 3rd Public Edition of Caliber began. It was during this Cycle that the Training Log was established and it has been running ever since.

This Monday it all starts again, we will begin our 11th Training Edition of Caliber.

But what to expect…

We’re going to get back to what we do best. If Han Solo could Admit that “Look, Jabba, even I get boarded sometimes,” then I can admit too. The last 5 months I’ve lost focus. Not focus on the program, The Clubs on my mind pretty much 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No, I got to focused on Crossfit. I’ve said it time and time again we have NO arena we claim. The Club doesnt pigeonhole itself, we are WeightLifters. Barbells, Kettlebells, our own bodies and other random heavy shit. Now that my friend has always been our focus.

And what came from this focus?

We thrived in our training and it prepared us for any arena or platform we choose to set foot in or on. From that training we saw success in Lifting, Kettlebelling, Crossfit and any other competitive aspect you could ask for. We took pride in our training and sought out the suffering that came with it.

Being I/C Stout was not for the Faint Hearted

But the last 5 months I got caught up in it all. We trained outside of our usually Realm and the end result was not what I wanted. Where were the crashing Barbells and the Curses towards the Heavens? Where were the foreheads covered in a fevered sweat from long agonizing sets of kettles? Where was the Suffering? Where was the Joy? Where was the Pride in doing things our way and not giving a Fuck what anyone else thought?

Even I get boarded sometimes… Even I can get side tracked, but sometimes it takes a mistake to realize one.

And that is the last time The Club will change its course, we stand on our line and we dont move.

We do what we want and dont ask permission or care about the odd looks we get from doing what we enjoy. We’re talking about the Old Days, the All or Nothin Days and They’re fucking back.

This very well may be the last Publicly posted Cycle, so it’s time for all you Boots to cut your teeth and make your bones. And if this aint your first Rodeo you better come to Bang, because if your arm Belongs to The Club we expect it to be Strong.

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