“But we Aint got Nothin to Eat!!!”

The 11th Edition of Caliber kicks off today, and I still receive that age old question…

“What should I Eat when I’m in a Training Phase?”

Well actually I get the “what should I eat all the time?” question pretty much constantly. I posted on this before, we even had someone from The Club take our Nutrition Plan info and make a power point out of it. But I still get the question… Constantly…

Well in todays post I’m not going to answer that question again.

Instead I’ve decide to do a test run of an I/C Food Log. It will update daily like our Training Log and will give those that follow the Program a place to Log their eating for the day. Now again this is just a test run, we may at a certain point start adding in recipes and what not. But for now we’re just gonna keep it simple. If during this test phase it seems to be of use to the Program we will put more work into it, but lets just start with Baby Steps(Click Here) people.

Click this Link to Acces the Iron Club Food Log

Posted by: Z

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