“You Gotta ask me Nicely…”

My favorite time of year…

Christmas? No, but Saint Nick is high on my list.

SuperBowl? Not quiet, but who doesnt like a Sunday Funday?

My birthday? Which does happen this week mind you…

Sorry… None of the above. My favorite time of year is the hype as we creep up towards PipeHitters.

Oh PipeHitters Classic….

This year the I/C we will yet again be holding it’s traditional Donny Brook. For those of you not in the “Know,” PipeHitters Classic is the time of year we try and rally up all the local Yard Stompers (Click Here) and let them go at it for a day. We do little to no bodyweight movements, cause queit the public scene and raise money for charity (Click Here). This is the Biggest Club event of the year, and it just keeps getting Bigger.

This year we will be joining the first NorthWest Garage Games Series. Friend and Club supporter Sean Wells of Oregon Crossfit has put in the time to line up a number of events for those that happen to live on this corner of the continent and we’re kicking it off with our Third Annual PipeHitters Classic.

You still dont get it? Whats the nature of PipeHitters?

Now that we got that cleared up lets get on to the actual event.

“Will the workouts be announce before hand?”


“Will there be hints to what we’re doing?”


“How is this all gonna work?”

Let me explain…

This years PipeHitters is unique. This years competition will be a “Blind Tournament.”

“Blind you say?”

That right folk you wont know what your doing til game day (Click Here).

“Wait what?”

Thats right…. NO workouts will be released this year. No time to train any weird movements this go round. No “Run throughs” of the workouts. Nope. Just good old fashion brawlin, god I love this time of year.

BUT… There is a way to get a one up on the competition this year.

“How is that?”

Seeding workouts boys and girls.

You see last year I sent out a email before the Competition asking for a Total for certain lifts. This Total helped me set up the Heats for last years first workout, well that and some extensive research and facebook stalking of those competing. Once I figured out who should go where we ready to roll. But anyone who knows me knows I love Chaos. And if you were at last years PHC you know there was a fair share of Chaos. So why not shake things up. Lets have a little competition before the competition.

This years first workout seeding will be based on the following THREE CHALLENGES. How you place in the three different events will determine where you are seeded in the opening workout.

“Whats the benefit of getting a high seed?”

It’s pretty simple my friends, you get to see the workout done before you actually do it. Then you’ll have time (Not a Lot) to practice the movements in the warmup area and get yourself mentally ready for the hell your gonna unleash on your subconscious, now we’re talkin (Click Here).

“So what are the workouts?”

I thought you’d never ask….


3 Rep Max OverHead Squat

*This is quiet simple, do 3 OverHead Squats in a row at the Heaviest Weight Possible.


500 Meter Row Time Trail

*You want me to do what… (Click Here)


The Secret Service Snatch Test

Click Here

You have 10 minutes to complete as many Kettlebell Snatches as possible. You are allowed to switch hands as many times as you like during the Test. Unlike many of the Test we conduct you are allowed to set the Bell on the ground as many times as you like during your 10 minutes. The Bell may not be dropped to the ground, the Bell MUST be retuned to the ground in a controlled manner. Dropping the Bell will terminate your set. The score of this workout is the total number of Snatches complete in your 10 minutes. KettleBell weight 53/35.

All 3 workouts do not have to be completed on the same day. You dont even have to do the workout actually, but if you don’t you will be Seeded last and be in the opening Heats of workout #1. Again, You Don’t Have to Do These. But when you do (I know you all will) please submit all the workouts together in one email to oldcountrystrong@gmail.com.

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3 Responses to ““You Gotta ask me Nicely…””

  1. I love/hate secret workouts.

    But that’s not going to stop me from pestering you of course. I am as observant as I am obstinate.

  2. Again…..I’m going to have to miss this year 😦

    Can I still do the seeding WOD’s? Just for fun?

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