“What are you Writing about…”

You ever get writers Block?

You know most people have, well back in school that is. School when you were forced to write papers for class. Something was expected so you had to produce.

And then you couldn’t.

Man was that fucking stressful.

And who needs stress? I read somewhere cant say I remember where exactly. But it was that stress is the silent killer. That’s kinda funny to me actually cause I feel like EVERYTHING in the world is the Silent Killer now adays. That title has been put on anything that has ever caused anyone any kind of discomfort in the world. Anyways that aside, YES News fucking flash, stress is shitty.

And who isn’t fucking stressed now adays. It is a stressful damn world, those blessed idiots who decided to keep there heads in the sand and lead a “Stress Free Life” shouldn’t breed. It’s part of life. Today I have writers block, and that shit is stressful.

Well why write then? Why not put it off?

Because I write to get the shit out. Thats what this blog use to be a simple place to write about shit only I cared about. It still kinda is I guess but thats not the point I’m making.

Today is the 315th post we’ve written for Old Country. We put up our first article on March 31st 2010, and for the most part we have stuck to our goal of 3 articles a week. Not always a simple task mind you. Countless texts between my brother and I…

“Hey whats goen on old country tomorrow?”

“I thought you had it?”

“What? I thought you did!?!”

Cue angry Filer brother texting about who’s fault it really is…

But you know what? I shouldn’t get to stressed I choose to do all this. I choose to not live a life with a face full of sand. I choose to weather storms and stand against tides and hold the line. It’s not easy sometimes but I do it. And my writing helps.

People come and go. Trends rise and fade but I dont think that will ever happen with all this, at least not to me. I deal with the stress, I believe in the Club.


Because it’s what I choose to believe.

When every I have writers block I go back to a certain article, It was called “For the love Of the Game…”
And while to some people it was just an article posted in January of 2011 probably forgotten by most, but it’s not forgotten by me. It ment something to me, like the Club did and still does.

Todays article was about stress originally. Stress because I couldn’t find the words to get out about something I was feeling.

But then I read that article and realize I’ve already written the words, and I smile. And sometimes I think maybe those words don’t carry weight to other people like they do for me. Which to the writer in me is very vexing.

But then I see things like this on our Training Log…

“That’s the nature of selling out I guess. But there are still plenty of legit people out there (Z and the rest of the Club being an obvious example) who will carry on doing sweet shit for real reasons that don’t involve selling more shoes or just making a buck.”

It’s the little things that make me smile I guess.

Posted by: Z

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