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I/C Bigger Dance

Posted in Articles on July 25, 2012 by fiman61

Once there was a dream that was the I/C Bigger Dance. You could only whisper it, anything more than a whisper and it would vanish. What is the I/C Bigger Dance?  Would you like to know more.? The I/C Bigger Dance started as an idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. The seed of this idea took root in friendly banter between several I/C members at the gym over a copy brews. It was simple, who is the better actor between two combatants. It seemed a simple enough notion, what harm could come from it. Boy that escalated quickly, I mean it really got out of hand fast. And it did not end that one night, it continued on to the next meeting and so forth. Finally the esteemed Joseph Hazard claimed the only way to settle this once and for all was a tournament. But who would step and put the time into this endeveaor. You need people of intelligence on this sort of mission…quest…thing…

In the upcoming weeks, 32 highly trained actors will do combat to determine who is the best. Who was the selection committe? Top men. Who made the cut? Well what’s your fancy? Super heroes? Got those. Badasses? Got those. Oscar winners? Got those. For the female readers (at best guess there are about 13 of you currently) most of them aren’t hard on the eyes either. And don’t worry about the integrity of the tournament being in jeopardy. The selection committe raged back and forth, the initial matchups will brawls, there ain’t no easy outs here. We ain’t crowning no paper champs, you got to put in your own work around here. 

But this isn’t just an argument between Filer brothers. You, the people, will decide with your votes the winners. And don’t be shy about casting your vote with the thought that your favorite doesn’t need it. What happens to the person with the lesser number of votes?

So make sure to tune in for first round action stating this Thursday. And oh what’s my prediction for the Tournament?

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