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“Fire Rises…”

Posted in Articles on July 29, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Well it’s announcement time…

You know whats funny about announcements? They take forever to get out. Because usually… And this is a theme with Old Country. People aren’t to inclined to hear them, announcements, Ideas that is.

Hell… We got three different facebooks, two different blogs and we’re a floating program.

That’s right we dont have a home, we’re like nomadic gypsies. (Click Here)

But…. Even nomadic gypsies gotta throwdown every now and then. I mean if your not fighting your not really alive right? Grit your teeth throw your fist, thats how the Club does things, am I correct?

Theres no “little gym that could” attitude with us. We are self sufficient. How does the Club travel?

We pay for it.

How does the Club Eat when it travels?

We pay for it.

How does the Club do anything?

We pay for it.

The Clubs takes care of itself.

We always have, we always will. The Great thing about the Club is that we all take care of each other. We’re in more places then even I Know (Click Here). And it just keeps getting bigger.

So… Off Season is over. It’s time to do what we do best. We brawl.. In any arena, at any time… The Club likes to fight and so we find places to fight.

And as a Coach I produce….

August 18th: Pipehitters Classic
August 24th, 25th, 26th: Oregon Summer Games
September 8th: Oregon Throwdown
September 22nd: IKFF KB Meet
September 29th: T-Town Throwdown
October 6th: GG @ The Den
October 20th: One Hour Long Long Cycle
October 27th: Occupy Strength Utah
November 3rd, 4th: Taranis Winter Challenge
November 16th, 17th, 18th: IKFF Nationals

Look at that… So much competing…

Who Doesn’t get excited?

Personally my arm feels the need to bang a shield and cry to the heavens. But I must be what I am… A Coach. So there will be little marauding for me. Instead I decide to kindle the FIRE. I decide to keep the Fire burning.

And as this Fire Grows we need a flag… A Flag to march too….  Time for a face lift, and now we have a new banner to wave…
Sexy aint It…

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