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“Vote for Pedro”

Posted in Articles on July 31, 2012 by fiman61

One day remains in the first round of the first ever I/C Bigger Dance and voting has been swift and fierce. Nothing the Summer Olympics can stop you the people from voting (Don’t worry we will have a Summer Olympic post up soon). And without giving anything away, I can tell that there are some battles to the death going on with preliminary scores being tallied. But remember those numbers are not final, the polls are still open through tomorrow. Z has paper ballots in the gym, is accepting votes through email, and if you have the balls to post your picks online, they are all being counted.

A few things I noticed as going through early ballots I would like to share. Some people sucked up to the tournament organizers (thank you Beckman). Some extolled their strategy of picking by the person’s most recognizable character and seeing if that person should win (nice strategy JJ). Some others though had some comments about the tournament set up. Why are these guys going each other in the first round? Fuck you guys, this shit was hard. If you move out of a match up to make it easier, other match ups get messed up. This not screw around time, grow up Peter Pan. I have a brand new respect for the NCAA Selection Committee now.

Anyway, remember to get your vote in because I don’t hear your crying about how screwy the voters are for putting JCVD over Johnny Depp if you didn’t actually vote. So vote for your favorite…and also for this guy.

Posted by Nickay