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“Speak of the Devil and He shall Appear…” Your Full of Shit and I’ll tell you Why: Volume Two

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Well we may have got slightly side tracked by the I/C Bigger Dance this Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost focus. The Dark Knight vs. Rises, more importantly…

The Joker vs. Bane

Bane… Bane was hands down one of my favorite Villains Growing up. Not just as far as Batman villains went, I mean any villains(even fuckin Sabertooth… well maybe). So dont think I ranked the Joker higher in my childhood, no that was Nickay. And No, Nickay didnt influence me on my choice in movies this go round. If you knew the two of us we make a habit out of disagreeing. Much like on the StarWars saga. Nickay says Empire I say Jedi, but you know what we agree on something this time. We agree that TDK is Better then Rises. And it’s because of the  performance turned in by the Joker in TDK.

But allow me to play Devils Advocate. Why did everyone seem to like Rises so much, simple…


Now let me tell you all the amazing Pros and Cons of Bane in Rises.

Where to start…

“No one cared who I was until I put on the Mask…”

The Mask, or more importantly WHAT the mask represented. In the Movie Bane was horribly disfigured while he was in prison. The wounds caused him awful pain. The mask (with the help of drugs delivered) helped keep the pain away. Now what’d I talk about in the last article was this.


This was a way to reimage Bane. Now I’m not sure with all the focus on the ScarCrows fear dust they chose to do this but they did. Bane was a merciless Juggernaut. He was bigger then any professional wrestler and had the rage to match a cast member of The Program. And how did he accomplishes this?


Venom was the Super steroid that Bane was dosed with while in the hell on earth prison he grew up in(way to stick to that part of the story). In the comics Bane was the king of his prison and he volunteered for an experiment the prison was doing(gotta love comics). He was exposed to Venom and became a super charged rage monster. In the end he faked his death to escape the prison with a sample of the Venom he would duplicate  so he could super charge himself at will.

Or he thought. Turns out he had to shoot up every 12 hours at least. When he was finally taken down (after EXTREME anarchy) it was done so by separating the tubes that ran to the back of his mask that supplied his Venom doses, much like in the movie when his mask was broken.

I understand the need to explain how he took inhuman amounts of damage, drugs. But Bane wasnt some fucking Bath Salt Zombie. They should have stuck with the roids.

“What a lovely, lovely voice…”

Banes Voice. There was a shit storm about this before the movie even came out.

No, I’m not hating on the voice.

I’m glad they cleared that shit up before the movie was released though. Because honestly I still couldnt understand some of the shit he was saying. STILL… Not hating on it, in fact I want to tell you why it was awesome.

Why? Reimaging thats why.

In the comics Bane and the prison he was born in were located in the Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca. Meaning his accent would have been WAY different in the movie. I for one actually like the dialect that Tom Hardy decided to go with. Some kinda weird Mad Doctor scottish mashup. In fact if I was to say he nailed someones voice from the comics I’d say he fuckin killed it as Destro from GI Joe.

You Know the Scottish Arms Dealer who was part of a world wide terrorist organization?  Yeah that guy.

Well where ever Tom got the idea for that fuckin voice I applaud him. That took his character to the next level. Not the level that the Joker was taken to in Dark Knight but very well executed all the same. Check one for rad voice behind a mask.

“It doesn’t matter who we are… what matters is our plan…”

Oh now I loved this. Usually this is called  ”jumping the shark,” but fuck it right? They brought the League out in the first act may as well cut to it. Bane wasnt original League of Shadows. No he was a madman acting on his own to take down Batman (who reminded him of a daemon bat that haunted his childhood).

In the comics his one and only goal was to break Batman. He realized to do so he had to strip everything away from the Dark Knight. To “Break Both his mind and Body.”

He released ALL of Batmans enemies and forced him to catch and return them all to Arkham in a three month stint that left the Dark Knight hollow and almost unable to stand. And when he was weak and near final fatigue he attacked.

They showed this in their own way in the movie. Reimaging remember, instead of 3 months of battle, we had a broken Bruce Wayne. Years of sloth and allowing injuries to creep into his bones left him unfit for his battle with Bane.

In the Comic Bane wanted to Destroy BatMan, in the movie more simply Gotham. And know what? I’m ok with that.

“I was wondering what would break first… Your spirit, or your body.”

What I did have a problem with was the “Breaking” of Batman. Yeah thats right, the whole comic was based on one ideal. Bane was going to Break the Batman.

He was going to destroy him with his own two hands. and what did we receive in the movie? A over head slam to the knee that would have gotten someone fired from the WWF. Yes in the movie Batman was only suppose to end up with a “vertebrae protruding” from his back. But in the comics Bane fucking BROKE Batman.

Game Over. Batman was fucking retired. Literally.

Retired? Yes, that was it, he went the same time they tried to kill Superman off with DoomsDay(Another manic killing machine). Batman was broken, his back smashed. He could no longer walk. In respects to the I/C Bigger Dance and everyones talks of I saw that movie in the theatres and what not. I read that comic when it came out. And that little pitty pat that was delivered in Rises while understandable (couldnt have Bruce completely lame in that prison) was not what I expect. That was a fail in my book.

And Finally.

“If I pull that off, will you die?  It would be extremely painful…  You’re a big guy… For you…”

Bottom line. Bane was Fucking HUGE.

Tom Hardy was fuckin yoked for this film. Not like warrior abs and shit yoked. I mean it looked like he benched, did shrugs and four plate clean pulls all day to get ready for this fucking role. And we only saw him look that way once. In fact his vest, jacket or any gear for that matter only gave the illusion of being huge. They should have just let the man play his part.

The bottom line is this. Bane in Rises was fucking amazing. I loved the voice, the tie in with the League (which happens at a point in the comic) and the devilish nature in whic the character carried himself. Bane was amazing as the Devil.

Yes he was the Devil in the final scene of this drama. But he was only there because he was heralded by the Joker.

In our last installment Nickay will make it all clear.

A Z and Nickay Joint