“May the Odds be ever in your Favor…”

Well its here folks…

It’s our Third Annual PipeHitters Classic. 

The word here being Ours.

I put this event on for you guys. I put it on to give you a place to have your day. We don’t train for any one sport. Yes, we’re good at lifting. Yes, we’re good at Crossfit. Yes, We’re good at Kettlebells. Yes, we are good at Kicking the Shit out of Life. Really fucking good at that.

We excel in these areas because of a program you all have decided to dedicate to. And because of all your hard work we put this event on for you guys. It’s our event and I’m proud of everyone taking part or helping in it.

Because of all you we have again been able to Raise money for the Behind the Badge Foundation which is very important to the Club.

Competing is important to the Club too. I use to post an inspirational video before each time the Club would go out to waive it’s flag. Traditions are another thing that are important to the Club. And the one I’m following going into this weekend actually started before Regionals. I’m not sure who started it but getting on facebook and seeing everyones profile changed to the Club Badge sure ment a lot to me as competitor.

So here we go, if you dont have any issues posting your Badge as your profile pick tomorrow and saturday show your fellow Club members and your fellow competitors your support and who we are.












This is our Event boys and girls take pride in that. Good Luck and Good Hunting.

Posted by: Z

3 Responses to ““May the Odds be ever in your Favor…””

  1. Just logged into Facebook and got chills. It’s like the Bat symbol has been illuminated. So proud to be a part of the IC.

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