“That Escalated Quickly…”

Another Flawless PipeHitters in the Books. I’m still taking it all in personally and have a busy week ahead of me before The Clubs down in Bend next Weekend for Oregon Summer Games. So I’d ask you guys to list your favorite moments from the weekend while you wait on my recap.

The writeup will be pretty similar to this…

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6 Responses to ““That Escalated Quickly…””

  1. Michelle B Says:

    some of highlights for me are:

    * logging onto FB the night before & seeing everyone in my feed change their profile pic to the IC logo.

    * Johnny asking clarifying questions about the track line

    * Watching & cheering during womens’ WOD 2, while knowing I was already in the holding area for the same WOD.

    * watching the men do WOD 1

  2. Well, I have to take one from Michelle as well:

    * logging onto FB the night before & seeing everyone in my feed change their profile pic to the IC logo. That was something pretty awesome to behold.

    * Watching Michelle during WOD 3 kick some serious ass. She made those double KB movements look effortless, and wearing sunglasses on top of it!

    * Noticing the two guys that obviously stumbled upon our event during either the 3rd or 4th heat of the the women’s final WOD. The looks on their faces were priceless, you could tell they were pretty amazed by what they were seeing. They left promptly when the guys came out. Anything that educates others on how incredible strong women are is good in my book!

    The day just rocked overall, it was pretty great to be able to be a part of it.

  3. -Agree on the FB thing – that was cool

    -Walking onto the field in the early morning. The place was all set up, looking pro. I was really proud of Z and Roo and all the volunteers for pulling that together. Proud of the IC.

    -A personal one: just moments before I was going to start WOD 1, David and my kids showed up and my kids waved their “Go Mom” signs.

    -Watching WOD 2 (once I was done) – both women and men, especially the top competitors. So much fun to watch the big guns!

    -Beckman’s WOD 3. I knew it was going to be rad. Michelle didn’t disappoint.

    -The final WOD – in both the men’s and women’s heats there were some races to the end, and that was fun to watch.

    -Carrie jumping up and down when she was called to the podium. Congrats, Carrie!!

    All in all, I had a great time. I loved being there and competing along side my friends. You all did amazing work. Good show, Iron Club!

  4. That was an epic Saturday. I had fun from 9am to 2am (with a very nasty 7 minute KB induced hell in the middle).

    – Lining up and taking the field on WOD 1 was pretty awesome. That walk out brought me back to the old HS football days.

    – Beckman battle through WOD 3

    – Watching Sky sing You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling to Jerome at the YenWor with a 20 man chorus.

    All around great day. Thanks to all of the judges for dealing with us all day and Zach and Roo for heading up a great event.

  5. Thanks to everyone that helped out and Zach and Roo for putting on such an great event for all of us. I had a lot of fun competing and cheering on the club.

    Also agree with IC logo plastered across Facebook, awesome!

    All the discussion around what the next WOD would be among the athletes; lots of talk about Dbl KB snatches before it was announced

    Watching all the top competitors kick some ass

    Beckman killing WOD 3

    The after party…..from what I can remember

  6. Pam, let me know if you need me to recount any of the after party. You have a lovely singing voice and some sweet moves. 😉

    On WOD 2 when no one before me lifted more than me and no one after me lifted less. Clearly the first WOD was a great calibrater of strength.

    Watching Johnny steal the show on WOD 2.

    Watching people learn how to string together double KB snatches during the workout and seeing them succeed.

    Pulling a tire. I’ve never done that.

    Deb, Heritage, and Joey as judges. Such great cheerleaders.

    Cheering everyone on and being cheered on. We are part of an amazing community. I wish everyone could have days like Saturday.

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