“Just Do Nothing”

So there was a little bit of turmoil today in the world of MMA. Here is a quick break down of what was supposed to be UFC 151 next Saturday. Jon Jones was supposed to fight Dan Henderson in the main event. Dan Henderson tears his MCL, he cannot fight. UFC is worried, they have never cancelled a card since Dana White has taken over. No other light heavyweight is willing to take the champ on short notice. But one middleweight was. Who would have the brass balls take such a fight. The People’s Champ, Chael Sonnen, thats who!

Chael said he would step up for the company and fight Jon Jones.

Great, what do you say Jon? Fight the People’s Champ?

No, thanks.

Excuse me?

Me and my coach Greg Jackson have thought it over, we don’t want it.

So why would Greg Jackson tell Jones not to fight Sonnen? My guess is that the discussion between them went something like this.

So Dana White pulled out the remaining hairs left on his body out. But it’s cool, call Lyoto, he has the next shot. Him and Jones will fight at the next PPV. He is on his way to his family farm in the Amazon ok, get him on the phone. Wait he does’nt want the fight on that short of notice. Cue Dana losing it in, 3, 2, 1…

Remember Chael took the Michael Bisping fight on 8 days notice, you know why? Because he is from the tough streets of West Linn, OR. He has the old school fighter mindset, let’s just fight and we will short the rest out later. But rejoice Sonnenaniacs worldwide. This means one thing, that Jon Jones was scared of losing but more importantly that Jon Jones forfeitted his championship match. Add light heavyweight champion to the People’s Champ list of accomplishments.

On a serious note, Jaime is good friends with Jeff Houghland, a local fighter who was scheduled to fight on that card. Hopefully his fight gets rescheduled soon but no matter what he has been screwed out of his time, preparation, and the money that went into his training. So Jon “Bone” Jones, can you send Jeff some Nike shirts for his kids for school? I mean seeing as you cost their dad a shit load of money, that’s the least you can do.

Posted by Nickay

One Response to ““Just Do Nothing””

  1. If Jon Jones was still working for Kenny Powers he would of had to take that fight

    “The People Killer?”

    Not enough for the People Champion

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