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“So what the f@#k are we talking about?”

Posted in Articles on August 28, 2012 by fiman61

This is it folks, we have come to the finals of the I/C Bigger Dance. We have had screen heroes rise and fall with a fair share of arguments in between. But it was worth it, all for this, the big dukeroo. In one corner the challenger to the Hollywood throne, Leo,  and in the other corner the champ, Jack Nicholson, in a matchup people are calling the “The Floorside Lakers Game Championship” (ok really only me).

Leo on the road to the finals beat Welsey Snipes, Ed Norton, Sean Connery, and in the final four match up legend Robert DeNiro. Leo has Big Mo’ on his side, converting voters as they acknowledge how good of an actor he really is. He has faced adversity in the competition and has pushed through it.

What more can you say about Jack? The Man, the Showstopper, the Icon. He has been a out of control freight train this whole competition, smashing Liam Neeson, Kurt Russell, Arnold, and Clint Eastwood. The overall #1 seed, can he finish off the youngster and keep what is his?

For some reason, when I think of this matchup, I am drawn to one of the first movies where I discovered how much I liked Leo, The Quick and the Dead. One scene in particular really determines in my mind the outcome of this matchup…cue clip.

But thats my opinion man, tell us yours.

Posted by: Nickay