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“What’s in there? Only what you take with You…”

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What is the most Difficult aspect of the I/C model for Depth Programming?

The Long agonizing Sets of Volume or Tempo Squats?

The Lactic Conditioning Workouts?

Maybe the constant stream on Bodyweight chains or Barbell Complexes?

No. No, these thing round out a program that has taken many different forms over the years. But there has always been a constant in the Program. Something that set us apart and also made it at sometimes a herculean challenge to attempt to follow us while outside the walls of our home gym.

If you were ask someone involved with the Program they’d tell you one word.


Kettles are what we refer to our kettlebell training as. In our minds its the furnace that any RedNose Yard Stomper is forged in. As the Club has expanded demand for our style of kettles has grown as well. In response the Clubs coaching staff has expanded our Seasonal Seminar schedule. We will our announcing the following dates and are open for MAYBE one or two more Clinics before we shut down towards the end of December.

September 15th – BaseCamp, Seattle Wa
October 6th – Excellence Health and Wellness, Seattle Wa.
October 13th – Gravity Janes, Issaquah Wa.
October 27 & 28th – Jodi Boates Athletics, North Vancouver CA.
November 10th – Crossfit Absolute, Sherwood Or.

Our Schedule is nearly closed. Anyone still interested in booking a seminar our attending an upcoming clinic can email me at


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