“I thought you’d be Bigger…”

Event 1 was in the books and quite a few things were shaken up on the Men’s side of the leader board.

But it’s PipeHitters Right, Borderline Grimy opening workouts are to be expected.

As we’ve seen in the Past, one workout can shake things up Fast. And with what was coming next, would atheletes hold onto their current standings? So what was coming next? And were people gonna give this one the due and proper respect some may have overlooked in Event 1.

Just like the tires, people couldn’t help but notice when they showed up there was something else grabbing people’s attention.

A MOUNTAIN of Gnarly Heavy Dumbbells. (And when I say gnarly I mean GNARLY, if you think the I/C’s kettlebells look like they were pulled out of a Warzone, our dumbbells are pretty much exactly what twisted steel and sex appeal should look like.)

But what was this scrap pile of unforgiving weight there for?

Thought you’d never ask…

Workout 2  – The Dumbbell Ladder

Time for shit to get Heavy, you had to know a lift was coming. But let’s stay in the nature of PipeHitters, traditionally untraditional. So how were we gonna change up our lift this year. A Ladder isn’t anything new (I fucking love ladders by the way) and neither are Dumbbells seeing how both were involved in Regionals this year. Well it just so happened some of the Local I/C meatheads were dicking around after training one day and decided to “Run the Rack.”

For those not familiar with the Term, “Running the Rack” is when you Hammer Curl your way down the Dummbbell rack at your gym facility. Sometimes Old School shenanigans can inspire greatness.

Our home Gym has a HUGE Mess of heavy Dumbbells.

I look at Nickay, “Dude we should Run the Rack at PipeHitters….”

The idea took shape after a month of debate on how we would actually pull this off. We were pretty happy with the final result, the format would be as follows.

6 Stations

You would have 45 Seconds at each Station to lift and 15 Seconds to Rotate to the next Station. Each Station would have a pair of Dumbbells at it. In your 45 Seconds you would have to complete THREE Hang Clean and Jerks (we were accepting Presses and Pushpresses for the OverHead Portion as well). If you got Three Hang Clean and Jerks you could move on. If you didn’t, that was the end of your ladder.

We did let people know that you could do MORE then three at a station. The scoring was simple.

MOST Reps at the Heaviest Weight was gonna to determine our Winner

The Women’s weight were as followed

35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 65

And the Boys were slanging some metal around themselves

55, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100

The goal was to get people to try and Run the Rack to the last station and go for broke on Reps for the highest score in the event. People did not disappoint.

Our ladies were the first to go. 

The weights may not sound too Heavy until you realize that the final Station would be a independent weight 130# Max Rep Hang Clean and Jerk. Oh wait, did I mention if you dropped or set your Bells down that your set was terminated?

 This was gonna be Good. 

If I was to tell you I was surprised in the outcome of the First workout for the Men this workout for the Women shocked the Shit out of me.

1st – Intensity  CHECK

The ladies GOT AFTER the Ladder. I mean I had NO idea how many girls were gonna get to the last couple Stations. But what shocked me the most was the number of STRONG competitors that weren’t getting the last station. Not even a Clean. Not one single girl was getting the 65’s to their shoulders.

Our top three ladies in Kelsey, Alicia and Carrie were all lined up to go. One of our smaller competitors, Carrie attacked the workout in classic lifting fashion. Pull the fuck out of whatever your trying to pick up and scream. It’d work for her. She’d make pretty decent work of the 55# station before giving it her all on the 65’s but missing the clean to her shoulders.

Right behind her Alicia Connors would have the same issue, BUT, she she was told to go for 4 Reps at the 55 pound station. She was the only girl to do this which would play into her favor as far as breaking a Tie in the event with Carrie.

The last women standing was Kelsey Nagel a VERY established power house lifter who was making her way up the Ladder. Having won the first workout she was the last female athlete doing the Ladder. She knew she had to get that Clean if she wanted take first in the ladder. After being instructed to wait 20 or so seconds before she even touched the Bell, she grabbed the Handles stood, took a deep breath then heaved the Bells to her shoulders to be the Only girl to Clean the final weight and secure another top finish.

With the Ladies it was, “Who was gonna clean the final weight?”

The boys had a different idea, it was “Who was gonna get the Most Reps at that last Station?”

Anyone familiar with the I/C or PipeHitters is probably also familiar with RedNose Original Johnny Winters. John is a good friend of mine who has trained with the Club for almost three years. Johnny has a certain skill set that makes him memorable. First, when he competes he has a Sick Battle Stache. Second, he excels at making Gravity his bitch more often then not.

Johnny had gone with the “Lay and Pray” method in the first workout so he could be one of the first to go in the ladder (Thats my story and I’m sticking with it). And he didn’t disappoint, he was like a big grizzly making his way down the ladder pretty much curling and pushpressing the weight. Johnny even did 4 at the 90 pound station for some Reason. With another 4 reps on the 100 Pound Station Johnny had set the bar.

The only problem with setting the bar early is everyone’s coming for it. And did people try to jump that bar. But if it was that easy everyone would walk around with a massive Mustache tangling over there lips.

But all the same, plenty of athletes not competing with an upper deck made it to the 100# station. Some were massive modern vikings and some were just taking a cue from Johnny and tell Gravity to fuck off. One of the Club’ss smaller athletes in Brenden Loyer took the challenge. Having your 175 pounds of bodyweight be dominated by 140 of heart pays off sometimes and Brenden got after those Dumbbells.

Jerome Perryman and Derrek Pratt (told ya to watch for that name again) also came to bang on the final platform , both scoring multiple reps with the Heavy Bells. All and all there was more athletes tearing it up on those Bells than I can remember.  But there was only gonna be one winner for the workout.

Last years Champ Jordan Holland was sitting in 11th place after the first workout. But 11th place still gave him plenty of time to see the best scores coming in. Jordan knew to get first place in the workout he’d just need a half Rep more then Johnny. Taking a calm approach to the final station, Jordan moved methodically through his clean and jerks watching the clock and waiting to nail a 5th hang clean in the final seconds of his time on the final station.

That half rep not only put Jordan ahead of Johnny, it put him ahead of anyone else as well and gave him the win for the second workout.

Was it gonna be enough to get him back into contention? And where did those Heavy Bells leave the rest of the field after the Brute Squad in the men’s division smashed the the ladder?

We’ll fill you in on that and this year’s Test of Mental conditioning in Wednesday’s post.

To be Continued – “Your taking up all my Oxygen…” 

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