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“Y’know, sometimes Charity really Hurts…”

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It started out over a year ago.

Roo achieved her Master of Sport ranking in the 20kg Long Cycle at last Novembers IKFF Nationals in Detroit. It was Roo’s second outing in Kettlebell Sport and she reached the Highest Rank she could with with her Bell weight.

What do you do next?

Well the next logical Idea would be to go for her MSIC (Master of Sport International Class) which is the absolute highest rank you could achieve. Roo had a talk with Big John Buckley after that Competition that would change her whole train of thought as to her next goal. You see Roo is an awesome Kettlebeller, but she isn’t solely a Kettlebell Athlete. No she also quite the established Crossfit athlete.

John’s advice to her was very different than simply, “go up a Bell weight and get that Rank.”

No he told her since she didnt train Kettles all that often it wouldnt be smart for her to get after a heavier bell without diverting more of her training to kettles. And since Roo trains so diversely what he said was simply:

“Just get really good with your weight and break a record.” (Well it wasn’t quite that. But it was something along those lines, we were all in full Stage 5 at that point at the hotel bar he pretty much said get really good with your Bell and Fuck shit up.)

So Roo went through a whole Crossfit season training business as usual. Then during this last Season I received a book. The book was from my Coach Jeff Martone. He had written a Kettlebell manual and wanted me to write a review for it. While reading it I came across a write up on Kettlebell marathon Sport that mentioned a lifter I had met from Australia while I was in Russia the year before. It listed a world record she had set in the one hour kettlebell Jerk.

The Bell weighed 35 pounds and she had jerked it 546 times in an hour.

Well now I thought…

Lighter Bell, maybe not exactly what John was talking about, but I figured why not.

“Hey Roo wanna try and Break a World Record?”

And now here we are it’s been a long road.

Let’s go to the Marathon Championships to Break it… Wait they’re in Italy

Let’s Hold a One Hour Charity Event in Seattle to Break it… Wait our Friends Orange Kettlebell Club already do a one hour event (Big Johns Crew)

Let’s uhhhhh… Shit let me ask John if it’s cool if we do something similar. 

What’s this? You guys would like to hold your Annual One Hour Long Cycle fundraiser in Seattle? Fucking Sweeeeet, you would like help planning it? Even better. Hey, Let’s have a Relay option this year so people new to Long Cycle (Kettlebell Clean and Jerk if your on the site please try and keep up) can participate too. As you can tell you guys are getting the fast forward model of this particular project.


We are holding the Orange KettleBell Club One Hour Long Cycle charity event this year in Seattle. We will have a Relay Option and Our VERY own Marissa “Roo” Luchau will be taking a run at the One Hour Kettlebell Jerk World Record.

We have assembled at least 1o Relay Teams for the Event comprising of 3 to 5 people and countless other individuals will be showing to support that day.

So how do you Register?

You don’t, you simply donate at least 25 Dollars to the cause and show up to lift. Since this is the first year we are organizing Teams for the event we are keeping it nice and simple for everyone. You don’t have to create an account to donate. Just simply click on the below link.

Team Marissa

That link will take you to the “Team Marissa” fundraiser page. This is where we are collecting all of the Relay Team Donations. Simply donate 25 Dollars if you will be competing on a Relay then send me a confirmation email at

Let’s show everyone how the I/C can unite for a cause guys. Lets show everyone when one of ours is going swinging for the fences we stand with her.

Lets show everyone we are Old Country and we are Game…

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