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“But the Mythology… The Mythology is not only Great, it’s Unique…”

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I don’t think Bill could have nailed our title any better.

Great Mythology inspires.

But Unique Mythology, now that is the unforgettable stuff. 

This is the longest I’ve ever put this write-up off before. Honestly I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to do it justice. The writeup I reference is the one about the I/C’s biggest competition of the year. I’m talking about The PipeHitters Classic.

And the reason I didn’t know if I could do it justice was the pure scale of it this year. We had almost more male competitors then we had people in the entire thing the year before. And unlike the previous year we weren’t slugging it out in the parking lot of a friends gym, no. We were at a rented out field, one with vendors and an athelete tent city constructed around a central arena. It was quite the site. And it was quite the event. I couldn’t have asked for it to go off any better actually. But I couldn’t have have had it gone off so well without constant effort from myself and my whole crew. From my brother and sister-in-law running logistics, to all the judges, and my Ma and Boyka keep those damn dogs of mine in line.

It was this constant effort that took away from that Writer’s Eye of mine (not sure if thats a real term) that’s always watching and recording in my head.

But after having been asked by multiple people (and by that I mean EVERYONE) when the writeup would be done, I have decided to try and sort it all out in my head.

But where to start? The Mythology…

“The Mythology is not only Great, it’s Unique…”

It’s PipeHitters, it’s like christmas for anyone that loves to tell gravity to fuck itself on the Reg (Click Here). And that’s what PipeHitters is all about. Yeah, its a Crossfit Style competition. But it’s not all that geared towards crossfitters. It’s not geared towards strongmen, lifters, kettlebellers or just any competitive person either. If you’re coming to PipeHitters you know you’re coming for one thing and one thing only.

You’re coming for a Fight, its that simple.

It’s like being back in school the first day that Bully tells he’ll see you outside after class. You can watch the clock, you can drag your feet out the door but sure as hell it’s coming. And the point of PipeHitters isn’t that you’re gonna knock the bullies teeth out. No, in fact you might go into that fight knowing he’s bigger and stronger then you. That he’s been in more fights then you. That you know he’s a better fighter.

But you don’t care.

That’s what we reference as RedNose. Knowing going in that your more than likely to come out battered, but that bully ain’t walking out without a blackened eye either. That’s Game, that’s PipeHitters.

No one showing up that day knew what was gonna happen. None of the workouts had been released. There was the first ever preseeding competition that took place before you ever even stepped on the field. No one knew what was really coming. The only thing you did know was there were yard stompers every where you looked.

I’ll try and do it justice in the series of writeups I’ll be putting out for all of you. But if I was to sum up the attitudes of the competitors that showed up in August it’d be this.

There wasn’t gonna be a single person walking out without a Black Eye.

– To Be Continued

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“In dog years you’d be dead”

Posted in Articles on September 9, 2012 by fiman61

So I have been noticing something lately. Basically it seems the whole world, my own personal sphere and the world as a whole is trying to tell me something. That I need to regrow my beard? No. That the Huskies/Seahawks are going to break my heart this year? No but getting warmer. No, the world it seems is trying to tell me that I’m old. Now maybe I am overexagerrating this but my Spidey Sense is tingling, this is a real threat. You know what? I don’t like these accusations, don’t like them one bit.

I don’t mind getting older, it is part of life. What I do mind is when I get called out as old when I clearly ain’t. This is a multi-prong attack too. Lets look at the culprits.

1. My Kids

Ok I get it, kids call adults old. And Fox and Lulu are only 5 & 4 respectively. But they dont act like I’m older like their dad is an adult, they act like I’m this guy.

Editors Note: Nickay is neither an archeaologist or a Nazi.

They dont call nana or papa old. They don’t call their mom even though she is older than me. This is terribly vexing.

2. My body

I tore my tricep tendon almost 3 months ago. Some have argue that this could be a sign that body is starting to break down. I think of it as a freak occurrence. Because if that truly was a a sign I needed to stop lifting well than I’m going to have spend a lot more time with the surgeon. I’ve got a comp October 20, 2012 and like the Body…

Editors Note: Wanted to use the “Are you hurt or injured clip” from the Program but I actually was injured.

3. Music

This is the one that really hurts. I was running to my physical therapy session for my tricep (again just a freak occurence) the other day and I switched from sports radio to the KUBE 93’s old school lunch. And what song are they playing on the old school lunch? Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together”. WHAT THE FUCK! The song came out my first year of law school and now it is considered old enough to be play for the people reliving their past during the lunch hour. What criteria are they using here? In my opinion a song has to come before my nephew was born to be considered for the old school and he is almost 11 years old.

In error I tried to redeem my hope in society later that day. I was listening to my ipod on random when a paralegal walked into my office. I decided to test myself. and ask a paralegal when she came in my office who was singing this song.

The paralegal said Alicia Keys. I said no and said it was Toni Braxton. The paralegal responded with a “Who’s that?”. My face showed my immediate disdain and shock. It is the same face I give people when I hear they haven’t seen the Star Wars movies.

Editor’s Note: To the younger audience, I listen to your music, be it good or shitty, have the same courtesy.


My odometer might be running up the miles but my year of manufacture ain’t that long ago. I may have rolled around with a tape deck but I didn’t roll around with an 8 track player. I ain’t old and wouldn’t be for a while, so everyone who thinks that can shove it.

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“What’s in there? Only what you take with You…”

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What is the most Difficult aspect of the I/C model for Depth Programming?

The Long agonizing Sets of Volume or Tempo Squats?

The Lactic Conditioning Workouts?

Maybe the constant stream on Bodyweight chains or Barbell Complexes?

No. No, these thing round out a program that has taken many different forms over the years. But there has always been a constant in the Program. Something that set us apart and also made it at sometimes a herculean challenge to attempt to follow us while outside the walls of our home gym.

If you were ask someone involved with the Program they’d tell you one word.


Kettles are what we refer to our kettlebell training as. In our minds its the furnace that any RedNose Yard Stomper is forged in. As the Club has expanded demand for our style of kettles has grown as well. In response the Clubs coaching staff has expanded our Seasonal Seminar schedule. We will our announcing the following dates and are open for MAYBE one or two more Clinics before we shut down towards the end of December.

September 15th – BaseCamp, Seattle Wa
October 6th – Excellence Health and Wellness, Seattle Wa.
October 13th – Gravity Janes, Issaquah Wa.
October 27 & 28th – Jodi Boates Athletics, North Vancouver CA.
November 10th – Crossfit Absolute, Sherwood Or.

Our Schedule is nearly closed. Anyone still interested in booking a seminar our attending an upcoming clinic can email me at


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“This is the Best you can come up With…”

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I’ve had a very busy three weeks and it shows in my posting on OC. I’m hoping to get something of substance up for Friday.

But in the mean time let’s just chill and revisit this old classic…

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