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“Three Horns don’t play with Long Necks…”

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You don’t know Brenden?

B is the I/C’s youngest Comp Team member. He’s also had his fair share of cool nicknames since he started up with the Club.

The Kid.
Our little Member..
The GentleMan Kid…

I mean the list could go on and on and then one just stuck the other day. 

Now before I jump the Shark so to say and drop the name lets get to the root of why I even decided to post about this today. You see on our Training Log we have a day of friendly banter called Topic Thursday. It’s usually a subject, training or movies you know some kinda bullshit to talk about. Then sometimes it’s a funny picture.

Well today I made the mistake of posting a picture of “The People’s Champion” Skylar Pond. Well no one has anything bad to say about “The People’s Champion” Skylar Pond so the board was pretty blank.

And then this afternoon I received a message that had to do with Skylar’s pic but was directed at B (nothin better then Creative shit talk). It was from Jim (Gym as we know him in the Club, nicknames are key), and Jim is quite the wordsmith. Being from New York when Jim decided to engage in verbal jousting he’s hard to one up. In fact with B having no knowledge of Jim knowing his new nickname he strolled up to him Wednesday and was met with the following statement.

“So I heard your leading a field trip to the Great Beyond…”

That was the set up for the picture he sent me today, the man is on fire folks.













Wait, you hadn’t heard? The Kids new NickName is LittleFoot….

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