“Break Records…”

A Picture is worth a thousand words…













Or in this case Seven Hundred and Twelve reps, thats right our girl Crushed it. Words can’t really produce how I feel right now so I’ll leave it for another day.

Below is a thank you Roo posted this morning on Facebook thanking everyone for their support.

“First off, I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support I/The Club had for this weekends event. It was so overwhelming every time I’d get on here and see all of the support. I can’t tell you how many times I teared up/cried because it meant so much to me that I had such a great community behind me! I really can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support they showed. Zach I can’t thank you enough for pushing me and being the best coach a girl could ask for and the best friend someone could ask for! Huge thanks to Old Country Iron Club for always supporting me in whatever I’m doing! Oregon Crossfit CoachesCrossFit North VancouverOrange Kettlebell ClubCrossFit Affiliate Community,Yakima CrossFit thank you guys so much for the support! I’m truly blessed to be part of such a great community! Thank you all so much! Also a HUGE thanks to Skylar Pond at Excellence Chiropractic for always fixing my broken body and keeping me moving, as well as also being an awesome training partner/teammate! And of course big thanks to everyone atExcellence Health and Fitness for allowing us to use your facility for such a great event! Again I can’t thank everyone enough, and I know I’m forgetting people so I’m sorry if that is you! Oh haha of course I couldnt have done it without my family!!! Love you guys and thank you so much!!! I know I keep saying it but I really couldn’t have done it without such an AMAZING support crew!!!!!!!!! ♥”

Well said girl, if you missed the weekends event I/C athlete Jacob Stone was on site taking picture and put this picture video together from Saturday. Thanks my friend.

Posted by: Z

4 Responses to ““Break Records…””

  1. Great picture. Great joy. Great accomplishment!

    Congratulations to both Roo and Z. Know you both are so proud, as well you should be.

  2. I would type Rad 712 times but I don’t think I’d be able to do it in under an hour. Congratulations again you two!

  3. Sarah Horner Says:

    Congratulations! Such a great picture 🙂

  4. Thank you guys so much! I seriously came thank everyone enough! Amid thanks Ralph! Hope all is well in Utah!!! 🙂

    And big thanks to z, I really wouldn’t be here without you! Mean the world to me!

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