I/C Program Information Update

As I mentioned in last Monday’s post, “Follow the White Rabbit…”, I/C Depth Programming will be getting a overhaul.

The Program will now have Two Tier options available to users. This will differ from our sport specific RedNose Option we post from time to time, this is our “User Friendly Edition.” Each day the Training Log will be updated with a workout. It will still use classic Iron Club Depth Programming terminology.

Joint Prep, KBC, SWOD, WOD, Cool Down, SupportWork, Etc…

Except now, there will be a collapsable tab you can click on that will have less complex movement patterns as well as different rep schemes or time domains applied to it.

Now it Won’t be an entirely different workout, per say.

The goal orientation of the day’s posted workouts will be the same. Movement patterns may differ but the end result is the ability for a larger newer group to follow along with I/C Training Methods. What it really gives is a starting point for people to begin to acclimate to the Program.

To say I’m excited to get this Two Tier General Use program up and running is an understatement. But this is also where I’m going to need patience from everyone. Just like I’m meeting the demand for a more adaptable program you all are gonna need to adapt with me on it.

What am I getting at?

Well its pretty simple, I’m getting the site updated. To say the new site is gonna be sick as shit is another HUGE understatement. There will be a slight grey period though while data is transferred and what not. This means for the First time since September of 2010 the Training Log will NOT publicly updated Monday.

Which means Starting Sunday anyone interested in viewing the I/C program schedule for the day can email me at oldcountrystrong@gmail.com to gain access to a Non-Public Training Log.

You WILL NOT BE CHARGED for this and hopefully it wont be more then a week or so while the new site gets set up to start publicly posting again.

Just stay frosty guys, it’s a Good time to be Red.

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