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“Saying Goodbye in their own Way. Playing Outlawed tunes on Outlawed Pipes…”

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I’ve used this post title before, and today it just makes sense to use it again. 

I’ve written this post before in my head. So many times that I thought it was a dream that’d never come true.

“Dreams are dreams for reasons. If shit was easy everyone would alway get exactly what they wanted. Everyone wants to get to the mountain top but no body wants to walk the journey to get there. Cause its hard and sometimes its very lonely.”

Do you remember who said that? It was me. It was me cause I know how hard manifesting a dream is. I know how impossible at times things seem. When you want to be successful so bad that you taste it. You dream about it. You want it so bad that you refuse to let anyone tell you it wont happen.

For me I didnt want this thing for myself. I wanted it for something I believed in, I wanted it for the thing that meant the most in the world to me.

I wanted it for my community. My Ma taught me small town Iowa values and those morales are part of who I am. They will never leave me and they’re so simple. Its not about you… Its about something bigger and if you don’t see that then your gonna miss out on life.

I will be resigning from my position as Head Coach at Crossfit West Seattle to go out and finally start my own gym. 

This choice has only been possibly through the love and support of my friends and family.

“You know Zach, I dont think you know how to fail.”

The friend that told me that will NEVER know how much that means to me. I can’t tell you what it was like to hear this from someone you respect. But it’s not just about me. It’s about something bigger and one of my best friends was the one to remind me that even I need help. And that if this is truly about something bigger then I need to expect that help.

“It takes a Village Zach.”

I can’t do this alone. Pride is sometimes truly the greatest flaw any person can have. Thank you, it’s because of you that I know I need the support of those around me. That if this is gonna  be what I’ve always wanted for my community I have to expect its help.

My pride is placed in check. And because of that fact I was able to receive something that will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life.

Last Sunday my Mom and I tricked my Dad into bringing me a ladder at a building he’d never been to. When he stepped out of the his rig I put my hands up in the air and said, “This is Mine.”

He hugged me.

My Dads never hugged me like that.

“I’m proud of you.”

My Dad has never said that to me. He told me once in High School he was “proud of me for acting like a man.” But he has never looked at me like he did Sunday.

He was proud of me.

Pride may be a flaw sometimes but a Fathers pride in his son is beyond measure.

I know things wont be easy. But because of those who support me I don’t know how to fail.

I know there will be hard times. But because of those who support me I know it takes a village to build a dream.

I know pride is a sin. But I know from my Father that being proud of something or someone can mean more to that person then anything in the world.

Come Monday the key in my hand will go into a different lock. That lock will open the door to Morgan Junction Crossfit, my gym. This is the start of a new exciting chapter in my life. One I know I couldn’t write without the support of my friends and family.

My dream was to open a gym for everyone in my home town. A place where the outside world turns off and that time belongs to you and nothing else matters. Monday I get to start living that dream.

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