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Heavy Hitters Apply Here: “The Old Times are Back…”

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Well this Blog is called Old Country Strong “Life and Lifting”

And since I started writing again a lot of it’s been about life. Well, a large part about my life is lifting. My own personal training helps level me out, but so does training other people and I love to write programming. It’s probably one of the things I’m better known for. So much so that I now have a collective of coaches that are part of a charter program that represents the I/C and how we do things.

Awhile back, I started writing the I/C Training Log with a large focus on group training. It’s worked great. Those gyms and Charters do the I/C proud. In the meantime, I took a lot of the old-school, real gritty, hard nosed training I use to write and privaitized it and would send it to my coaches and athletes abroad in private emails.

I did that because a lot of times I had no idea who was doing what I posted. And sometimes I worried folks were mssing the point of the training or just didn’t know how to do some of the stuff that was posted.

Well the first I/C training post went up on September 4th, 2010. I had been wrting program and running a gym for a bit of time before then, but this was the first time I really let the cat out of the bag on how I did things behind the curtain. Well since 2010 things have changed and accessing information via the interwebs has become a lot easier.

So I’ve decided to make the private training public again. This is the nitty gritty kettlbell, barbell and lung burning workouts that were the base we built everything on.

Since the beginning of it all, program models have changed. The program is always growing and so am I. Since that time, I’ve also become the lead programmer for CrossFit KettleBell, written the programming model for that course and run the training you see on that blog daily. Styles have been updated and the mass building, hurtin bomb program of old times is coming back with fresh updates.

This program kicks off Monday and shouldnt be used by anyone competing in the coming CrossFit Open. Why? Well cause it’s not designed with that in mind. It’s designed with the old goal of the Club in mind. to be the hardest man or woman in the room. Be it in strength sports, on the mat or field, the competitive fitness floor or just life in general. It’s to build raw strength and legs and lungs that can take the demand an individual can inflict on their bodies.

I’ll post weekly videos on my Instagram demoing kettlbell and dumbell complexes to compliment your training. You can find that on the IronClubAthletics account. And you can follow it on our Training Log,

So if you’re ready to Slang Iron and build some hurtin bombs check the Training come Monday. Use stuff you find on there or follow along for one hell of a ride. Be sure to check the FAQs for info on the program and read the About section which will have nods to those that have helped inspire parts of this program. No coach should go without growth by those that have come before them. But you’ll also see a huge dose of the foundation the Clubs been built on. We kick off Monday, grab your bells, weights, sandbags and any heavy objects you can get your hands on and get ready to bang.

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