Nick Filer

Title: Iron Club Consigliere and Old Country Strong Co-Author

Nick Filer is the second of two remaining original members of the West Seattle Barbell Club, brother to club founder Zach who sums Nick up with the following: “He’s the dumbest smart kid I’ve ever met” and “He’s one in a million, wait one in two million.”

A voracious reader and video gamer extraordinaire Nickay has been spotted reading the encyclopedia on Christmas Eve, a gift he asked from Santa Clause. Once he entered high school Nickay was introduced to lifting and Mongo was born along with his new favorite hobby, bench press. Mongo took his love of lifting and pressing with him to college where he briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a strength and conditioning coach as well as professional Bench Only power lifter. After careful deliberation and encyclopedia consultation Nickay decided to pursue a Juris Doctor Degree. Upon completing three years of study at the University of Minnesota Law School Nickay graduated and was promptly assigned Iron Club Consigliere duties.

With his JD in hand and more importantly his new position in the Club Nickay has become the voice of reason at many OCI/C dust ups. Consigliere duties follow Nick where ever the Club goes, whether he is present or not. Often you will find an OCI/C member on the phone with Nick answering any number of questions.

“Can I really be arrested for that?”
“Isn’t that only illegal in Utah?”
“Is it really OK to drive as fast as you like as long as you stay in the lines?”
“Is it my fault if he slipped and fell on my fist?”
“What exactly is drunken disorderly?”
“When I get arrested should I say anything to the cops or just call you?”
And of course…
“When can you get me out? There is a fight at Hooters tonight and I can’t stay in here until Monday?”

Aside from being the voice of reason and Consigliere, Nickay is a sounding board for Z while he puts together training programs for the club, without which OCI/C would surely descend into 5 days of heavy squatting in a row. Nickay is also on the front lines of breeding the next generation of heavy squatters and OCI/C members in Fox and Alura, he is the OCI/C champion eater having conquered every consumption challenge thrown his way, and he is the club life line at 3 am when the phone rings and a member is on the line “No way that is illegal! Right?”

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