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“There are certain rules that one must abide in order to successfully survive a horror movie!”

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This Halloween we are discussing slashers, let’s get into what you need to do survive.

Track work

Cardio just ain’t there to protect you against zombies, you’ll need it when a crazed knife wielder comes after you. But to truly survive you will need to be evened out. And by that I mean you will need to be good in both in sprints and long distance. Now first and foremost you need to master the sprint because when that killer starts coming after you need to be able to go and go in a hurry. I am talking turn and burn baby.

A big mistake I have learned from my investigations is the total break down of form when a slasher appears. Remember keep those arms fixed in a good position and work them like pistons, none of this flailing arm crap.

Also slashers seem to jump out from hidden spots a lot, you need lateral explosive too. Hopefully your AC and MCLs are in good working. Some cone drills and shuttle runs are recommended.

Also if you are facing a higher chance of slasher attack due to age/profession/indifference to drinking and premartial sex on Halloween, you should highly consider practicing lik you play. What do I mean, try building up the toughness of your bare feet because there is a good chance you will not have your shoes when you are attacked. What you need your Innovates to not do a duck waddle when you run? You can tell that to the killer while lacing up right before you catch a machete to the head. And while it would it would seem that a high school girl in heels can outrun the stalker, she eventually rolls her ankle before getting caught. Also since most attacks take place around Halloween or some special occassion, you might to put a few miles in a costume/dress/tuxedo, you know to just get a feel for it.

But don’t think that being a 100m star is enough, you see besides knowing all the shortcuts, many killers have what I deem the killers walk. It is almost a fast march, not a run. Look at Michael Myers or the hook guy in I Know What You Did Last Summer, they use this pace perfectly and guess what? They don’t get tired but their victims do. So you need to be able to run longer distances too. Don’t take my word for it, you know who gets this? Nike.

Simply put if the killer can’t catch up, he can’t kill you (Editors Note: This is hoping your slasher does not have access to range weapons).


I know parkour may not be the most Old Country Strong thing but it is essential to surviving a slasher attack. First when you are getting chased you will not be on a track, you will likely be running in an environment with obstacles. If you are in a field (which could happen it fell for the whole let’s go to the country side angle I said to look at for prior) it may not work, but in an urban setting, an abandoned factory, hell even the woods, it will pay in spades. You bounce off a garbage can, off the house wall, and on top of the garage Michael Myers will just stare at you with those lifeless eyes. And try to find a way up. Parkour will give you that extra minute you need to get to the police station.

If do not feel like you want to attend a parkour class at least  do some rope climbs or a couple rounds on the Salmon ladder, because you will need to climb at some point and if you can’t pull an Assassin’s Creed than you have to do it the old fashioned way.


Doing some hammer workouts will definitely help out. Besides giving you some beastmode strength, if you will help strengthen muscles you don’t normally use, specifically those muscles you need to swing whatever foreign object you pick up to defend yourself with (the slasher isn’t fighting fair, neither should you). You probably will not be lucky enough to have an actual “weapon”, such as a knife or an axe, you will probably have some odd farm tool or random blunt object which may break after first use, so you better make that shot count. I recommend using the heaviest sledge you can pick up in your gym, you nught not be able to do 25 strikes L than 25 strikes R, but you will get that strength for the 2 shots you will in the middle of the slasher attack.

A couple more quick hitters for the road, stay in groups (splitting up is a horrible idea) and please remember if you see  dark deserted alley way…you know what if I have to tell you that one you are probably not going to make it anyway.

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“Do you like scary movies?”

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It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves change, when men dress like old TV characters and women dress…provocatively. Yes all Hallows Eve is upon us again. But while the majority of the populace biggest decision is what to crave their Jack’ O’ Lantern as or what party to attend, here at Ye Olde Country Strong we take this opportuinty to prepare the people for those things that go bump in the night.

In our first series we discussed the pending zombie apocalypse, resource materials to look over, and the proper training program to survive it. On a side note I would recommend rereading the zombie series. Since we published this guide, spurned by the success of the Walking Dead, there has been a glut of misinformation in the media about zombies. If you think running in a “zombie” 5k from a guy in makeup who you are disallowed from cop kicking in the chest and than doubling tapping is going to help you or that Lori or Herschel’s word of wisdom from the TV show will allow you to survive than you may as well put your head in between your legs and kiss you ass goodbye.

Our follow up series delved into the far reaching vampire problem, lookint at past hunters and imparted important lessons to kill a bloodsucker.

So what terror of the night is the topic this year? Werewolves…

Ha, fooled your ass. We are not dealing with lycanthropes this year (but don’t worry they are a menace and will be dealt with at a future date.) No, this year we decided to focus on a less supernatural foe but none the less dangerous, slashers.

They may jump to the top of the mind when thinking of dangerous Halloween killers, but don’t be fooled. Did you know for every vampire related “disappearance” there is one slasher related death? It’s fact, look it up on google. Now slashers come in all shapes and sizes, from skinny Matthew Lillard in Scream to giant Tyler Mane in the new Halloween. Because of these differences, slashers also have different temperaments and choices for potential victims that our prior highlights of zombies and vampires did not have. So unlike the pending Z-day or vampire assault, not everyone may be affected by the ever present slasher problem. To determine if you could be a victim, here are some key factors you should look at.


Age plays a huge factor in slasher attacks. Unfortunately, the younger you are the higher likelihood of slasher attack. The key demographic is teenager to college student, so we are looking at a range of 15-25. But just because you are not a youngster doesn’t mean you get are out of the woods. The next age group of 26-35 may not be as high but does draw plenty of slasher attention. Depending on when the slasher suffered his tragedy will ultimately show us when he is seeking his revenge. So if said slasher you are dealing with was humilated in high school, there is a good chance your 28 year old may be the target (you also are in the hot zones for vampire attacks, sorry). If you are 35 plus you should be feel pretty safe from a slasher attack UNLESS you meet some of the other key factors such as…


What you do as your job plays a huge part in whether you will run into the slasher’s path. The number #1 occupation is student, surprise suprise when looking at the propensity of the young victims. But they are some other professions that always seem to get “axed”

Sorry couldn’t help myself. Let’s see members of the police force are higher risk, this also includes security guards. Teachers, principals, school bus drivers, basically people around the youth also are a precarious situation when it comes to their safety. People in the medical profession are at danger, not only because killers will eventually make their way to the hospital but also because they will try and help out which leads to well you know where it leads.


Making sure you are in the right place is a big factor in your survival. I am a city boy and thank god because the country side is not your friend. Besides not having anyone around to hear you while screaming for help it is also full if large deserted but somewhat enticing houses to walk into. Your cell phone will lack reception which besides not allowing you to check your fantasy football team will almost mean you will be S.O.L for calling for help. Also the countryside seems to be prone to rainstorms which seem to force one into aforementioned large deserted houses. Unless your traveling party has a meddling pot head and his dog this is not advisable.

Also if said location you are visiting has a violent nature associated with it, say an asylum or the site of an old murder, those may be a few places to avoid. But if you didn’t know that already you probably are not alive to read this.


Alright we all the old standbys but let’s rehash them. These no nos if done in excess magnify the chance of a slasher attack: 1. Alcohol 2. Drugs 3. Premarital sex. Yup, slashers make Halloween less fun. I mean unless you are Tim Tebow, who can really follow those rules.

And whatever you do, never, ever, ever say…

On Halloween we will go through the things you need do in order to survive those darn slashers.

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“Saying Goodbye in their own Way. Playing Outlawed tunes on Outlawed Pipes…”

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I’ve used this post title before, and today it just makes sense to use it again. 

I’ve written this post before in my head. So many times that I thought it was a dream that’d never come true.

“Dreams are dreams for reasons. If shit was easy everyone would alway get exactly what they wanted. Everyone wants to get to the mountain top but no body wants to walk the journey to get there. Cause its hard and sometimes its very lonely.”

Do you remember who said that? It was me. It was me cause I know how hard manifesting a dream is. I know how impossible at times things seem. When you want to be successful so bad that you taste it. You dream about it. You want it so bad that you refuse to let anyone tell you it wont happen.

For me I didnt want this thing for myself. I wanted it for something I believed in, I wanted it for the thing that meant the most in the world to me.

I wanted it for my community. My Ma taught me small town Iowa values and those morales are part of who I am. They will never leave me and they’re so simple. Its not about you… Its about something bigger and if you don’t see that then your gonna miss out on life.

I will be resigning from my position as Head Coach at Crossfit West Seattle to go out and finally start my own gym. 

This choice has only been possibly through the love and support of my friends and family.

“You know Zach, I dont think you know how to fail.”

The friend that told me that will NEVER know how much that means to me. I can’t tell you what it was like to hear this from someone you respect. But it’s not just about me. It’s about something bigger and one of my best friends was the one to remind me that even I need help. And that if this is truly about something bigger then I need to expect that help.

“It takes a Village Zach.”

I can’t do this alone. Pride is sometimes truly the greatest flaw any person can have. Thank you, it’s because of you that I know I need the support of those around me. That if this is gonna  be what I’ve always wanted for my community I have to expect its help.

My pride is placed in check. And because of that fact I was able to receive something that will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life.

Last Sunday my Mom and I tricked my Dad into bringing me a ladder at a building he’d never been to. When he stepped out of the his rig I put my hands up in the air and said, “This is Mine.”

He hugged me.

My Dads never hugged me like that.

“I’m proud of you.”

My Dad has never said that to me. He told me once in High School he was “proud of me for acting like a man.” But he has never looked at me like he did Sunday.

He was proud of me.

Pride may be a flaw sometimes but a Fathers pride in his son is beyond measure.

I know things wont be easy. But because of those who support me I don’t know how to fail.

I know there will be hard times. But because of those who support me I know it takes a village to build a dream.

I know pride is a sin. But I know from my Father that being proud of something or someone can mean more to that person then anything in the world.

Come Monday the key in my hand will go into a different lock. That lock will open the door to Morgan Junction Crossfit, my gym. This is the start of a new exciting chapter in my life. One I know I couldn’t write without the support of my friends and family.

My dream was to open a gym for everyone in my home town. A place where the outside world turns off and that time belongs to you and nothing else matters. Monday I get to start living that dream.

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I/C Program Information Update

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As I mentioned in last Monday’s post, “Follow the White Rabbit…”, I/C Depth Programming will be getting a overhaul.

The Program will now have Two Tier options available to users. This will differ from our sport specific RedNose Option we post from time to time, this is our “User Friendly Edition.” Each day the Training Log will be updated with a workout. It will still use classic Iron Club Depth Programming terminology.

Joint Prep, KBC, SWOD, WOD, Cool Down, SupportWork, Etc…

Except now, there will be a collapsable tab you can click on that will have less complex movement patterns as well as different rep schemes or time domains applied to it.

Now it Won’t be an entirely different workout, per say.

The goal orientation of the day’s posted workouts will be the same. Movement patterns may differ but the end result is the ability for a larger newer group to follow along with I/C Training Methods. What it really gives is a starting point for people to begin to acclimate to the Program.

To say I’m excited to get this Two Tier General Use program up and running is an understatement. But this is also where I’m going to need patience from everyone. Just like I’m meeting the demand for a more adaptable program you all are gonna need to adapt with me on it.

What am I getting at?

Well its pretty simple, I’m getting the site updated. To say the new site is gonna be sick as shit is another HUGE understatement. There will be a slight grey period though while data is transferred and what not. This means for the First time since September of 2010 the Training Log will NOT publicly updated Monday.

Which means Starting Sunday anyone interested in viewing the I/C program schedule for the day can email me at to gain access to a Non-Public Training Log.

You WILL NOT BE CHARGED for this and hopefully it wont be more then a week or so while the new site gets set up to start publicly posting again.

Just stay frosty guys, it’s a Good time to be Red.

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“Break Records…”

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A Picture is worth a thousand words…













Or in this case Seven Hundred and Twelve reps, thats right our girl Crushed it. Words can’t really produce how I feel right now so I’ll leave it for another day.

Below is a thank you Roo posted this morning on Facebook thanking everyone for their support.

“First off, I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support I/The Club had for this weekends event. It was so overwhelming every time I’d get on here and see all of the support. I can’t tell you how many times I teared up/cried because it meant so much to me that I had such a great community behind me! I really can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support they showed. Zach I can’t thank you enough for pushing me and being the best coach a girl could ask for and the best friend someone could ask for! Huge thanks to Old Country Iron Club for always supporting me in whatever I’m doing! Oregon Crossfit CoachesCrossFit North VancouverOrange Kettlebell ClubCrossFit Affiliate Community,Yakima CrossFit thank you guys so much for the support! I’m truly blessed to be part of such a great community! Thank you all so much! Also a HUGE thanks to Skylar Pond at Excellence Chiropractic for always fixing my broken body and keeping me moving, as well as also being an awesome training partner/teammate! And of course big thanks to everyone atExcellence Health and Fitness for allowing us to use your facility for such a great event! Again I can’t thank everyone enough, and I know I’m forgetting people so I’m sorry if that is you! Oh haha of course I couldnt have done it without my family!!! Love you guys and thank you so much!!! I know I keep saying it but I really couldn’t have done it without such an AMAZING support crew!!!!!!!!! ♥”

Well said girl, if you missed the weekends event I/C athlete Jacob Stone was on site taking picture and put this picture video together from Saturday. Thanks my friend.

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“I see a Red Door…”

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We are on our final Count down to this weekends One Hour Long Cycle Charity Event.

Over 40+ members of the I/C will be taking part in Relays as we support one or our own in her quest to break a Record. Countless hours of Training have been place into a very important time span of 60 minutes on Saturday.

We come together it’s what we do. Show everyone who we are.

Paint it Black… 













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“Follow the White Rabbit…”

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Last Monday (Click Here for a Recap) on our Training Log I made a announcement about a new phase of training the Program was going into. 

To say I received a large response, not only from those in gym but also following abroad, was a slight under statement.

What does this mean exactly?

What Will Be the Lay out of the New Program?

Am I gonna to be able to keep up with what’s going on?

The last one was the one I got the most. Now as I said, this is NOT a traditional “Edition Cycle.” This is just the program again adapting itself for the greater benefit.

Will the training be Rough?  I thought this was an interesting question. Yes, but when has it NOT been rough?

Will the movement patterns be as complex as some of our “Edition Cycles?” Yes, we deal in advanced movements in this style of training.


With the new number of people starting to use I/C Methods, maybe some back tracking is neccesary. Will I change the desired path of the Program?

Absolutely not.

It’s just time to allow a chance for those new to the Program to catch up. The model of which Depth Programming is based on allows for diversity. For every workout there are different options to allow atheletes to finish the workout based on their existing strength, skill level, and familiarity with the exercises without following a totally different program than everyone else. See there is always a common thread that ties the goal training for the day together. But not everyone is at the same place right now, we all have to start somewhere.

So what’s the answer?

We will be adding adding two Tiers to the Depth Programming Design.

This change is still a few weeks out and it will allow people new to the Program time to adapt and learn. I used to just tell people it was sink or swim when they started with the I/C. But as the number of people outside of my direct contact grows, the more I have to be responsible with the program. Yes you still need to know your shit when you do the Program. But soon there will be a simplified option where you will be able to just click on any given day’s programming, a great starting point for those new to the Club.

To say I’m excited about increasing the depth (no pun intended, well maybe a little) of our training is a understatement. Lots of exciting things are coming up for the RedNation folks, just enjoy the ride.

Follow the White Rabbit…

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“Three Horns don’t play with Long Necks…”

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You don’t know Brenden?

B is the I/C’s youngest Comp Team member. He’s also had his fair share of cool nicknames since he started up with the Club.

The Kid.
Our little Member..
The GentleMan Kid…

I mean the list could go on and on and then one just stuck the other day. 

Now before I jump the Shark so to say and drop the name lets get to the root of why I even decided to post about this today. You see on our Training Log we have a day of friendly banter called Topic Thursday. It’s usually a subject, training or movies you know some kinda bullshit to talk about. Then sometimes it’s a funny picture.

Well today I made the mistake of posting a picture of “The People’s Champion” Skylar Pond. Well no one has anything bad to say about “The People’s Champion” Skylar Pond so the board was pretty blank.

And then this afternoon I received a message that had to do with Skylar’s pic but was directed at B (nothin better then Creative shit talk). It was from Jim (Gym as we know him in the Club, nicknames are key), and Jim is quite the wordsmith. Being from New York when Jim decided to engage in verbal jousting he’s hard to one up. In fact with B having no knowledge of Jim knowing his new nickname he strolled up to him Wednesday and was met with the following statement.

“So I heard your leading a field trip to the Great Beyond…”

That was the set up for the picture he sent me today, the man is on fire folks.













Wait, you hadn’t heard? The Kids new NickName is LittleFoot….

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“I want you to Hit Me as Hard as you Can…”

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Between work and getting back into serious training this week I’m just gonna leave you all with this little Gem.

Safe to say I think that dude can take a hit.

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“How Bad do you want to be Successful…”

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Well I had originally had a Mad Mule article in mind for today but ended up having something else to jaw about.

As I mentioned I’ve been amazingly busy lately. Running the I/C Training Log, handling online clients, Teaching Kettlebell courses (had our 1st of 5 upcoming yesterday), Coaching at weekend competitions and even getting to compete in one myself.

What has “suffered” because of this?

Nothing really, well nothing that I really realize (foreshadowing). I always choose to put work first. I feel that hard work is a gift of mine.

Don’t need an intense social life. Don’t need fancy things. Don’t need much of anything that isn’t in line with my goals. And my goals are my own, no one else needs to understand them. I work 7 days a week and I choose to do so. I choose to because as I said I have goals. I also have other people depending on me to meet their goals.

I’m sure everyones has seen this video before.

Man do I think about that speech a lot. I think about how hard it is to achieve what you really want in life and the trails and tribulations that come with it.

Goals are set for reasons. Dreams are dreams for reasons. If shit was easy everyone would alway get exactly what they wanted. Everyone wants to get to the mountain top but no body wants to walk the journey to get there. Cause its hard and sometimes its very lonely.

“What has “suffered” because of this?”

Remember I said that earlier in this article. Well a lot has. A lot has suffered and been sacrificed for me to try and stay on my path. Maybe thats not a good thing.

I’m a worker. I’ll work. I’ll work before eating, before sleeping before taking care of myself.

Now I see something suffering. If I have a talent to work hard I shouldn’t abuse it. I shouldn’t expect to work from 5:45 in the morning til 1 oclock in the after noon NOT eat and have a successful training session an hour later. And what do I do after that training session? I start my evening work schedule that goes sometimes past 8pm without eating again. Getting by on coffee and muscle milk samples is just bad living when your not only trying to Coach athletes but lead by example.

I’m up late every night working on the week days and even later on the weekends. My sleep bank is at an all time low and thats saying a lot for even me (my family has a history of insomnia). If someone was receiving coaching advice from me and working like this I would have stepped in awhile ago. I would have told them they needed to get some shit sorted out.

But, am I on the path to achieve my goals.


All of them.


Are people Depending on me for ALL of them.


It’s quite the double edge sword sometimes and it’s one I have choose to use. Trying to find the balancing act as of late has really started to weigh on me. Coaching couldn’t be going better, everyone one who I coach is right where I want them in their current period of training. My own personally training is turning out great results as well. But I’ve walked this line before and I’m flirting with wearing myself thin.

The biggest thing is I spotted it early. I usually don’t, I actually worked myself into pneumonia last year and then had to keep the ship on course during the whole thing. It was not a fun experience.

So how do you work like you want to breath but avoid a total burnout.


I always tell myself I’m to busy for this or that. I dont have time for things. I like to make the exuse that I dont have enough minutes in the day to just get a hold of my own Chaos sometimes.

If you want to realize your goals you have to do the things that will make them happen. The video I have posted below sparked this whole post today. It’s about a day in the life of professional bodybuilder Kai Greene. I first saw this blazed with the word Discipline over on OPT’s site. It’s probably one of the best pieces I’ve watched in sometime. If you want to be a hater on bodybuilding then find a different blog to read. Kai’s approach to his training and discipline in his day to day life if pretty inspiring.

After having watched the series I took a lot in personally. I need to find the time in my life for more structure. Yes, I have a steel discipline when it come to work. I always have, I always will. I’m on a course I plan to follow.

But the discipline to take care of myself is something I need to address. Some day the other foot will drop if I continue to burn the candle at both ends. If I want to be both the Coach and Athlete I desire to be then I need to refine the discipline I have to march all day and apply it to other areas of my life.

Todays word is Discipline folks, there is time in the day if you make it.

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