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“Vote for Pedro”

Posted in Articles on July 31, 2012 by fiman61

One day remains in the first round of the first ever I/C Bigger Dance and voting has been swift and fierce. Nothing the Summer Olympics can stop you the people from voting (Don’t worry we will have a Summer Olympic post up soon). And without giving anything away, I can tell that there are some battles to the death going on with preliminary scores being tallied. But remember those numbers are not final, the polls are still open through tomorrow. Z has paper ballots in the gym, is accepting votes through email, and if you have the balls to post your picks online, they are all being counted.

A few things I noticed as going through early ballots I would like to share. Some people sucked up to the tournament organizers (thank you Beckman). Some extolled their strategy of picking by the person’s most recognizable character and seeing if that person should win (nice strategy JJ). Some others though had some comments about the tournament set up. Why are these guys going each other in the first round? Fuck you guys, this shit was hard. If you move out of a match up to make it easier, other match ups get messed up. This not screw around time, grow up Peter Pan. I have a brand new respect for the NCAA Selection Committee now.

Anyway, remember to get your vote in because I don’t hear your crying about how screwy the voters are for putting JCVD over Johnny Depp if you didn’t actually vote. So vote for your favorite…and also for this guy.

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“Fire Rises…”

Posted in Articles on July 29, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Well it’s announcement time…

You know whats funny about announcements? They take forever to get out. Because usually… And this is a theme with Old Country. People aren’t to inclined to hear them, announcements, Ideas that is.

Hell… We got three different facebooks, two different blogs and we’re a floating program.

That’s right we dont have a home, we’re like nomadic gypsies. (Click Here)

But…. Even nomadic gypsies gotta throwdown every now and then. I mean if your not fighting your not really alive right? Grit your teeth throw your fist, thats how the Club does things, am I correct?

Theres no “little gym that could” attitude with us. We are self sufficient. How does the Club travel?

We pay for it.

How does the Club Eat when it travels?

We pay for it.

How does the Club do anything?

We pay for it.

The Clubs takes care of itself.

We always have, we always will. The Great thing about the Club is that we all take care of each other. We’re in more places then even I Know (Click Here). And it just keeps getting bigger.

So… Off Season is over. It’s time to do what we do best. We brawl.. In any arena, at any time… The Club likes to fight and so we find places to fight.

And as a Coach I produce….

August 18th: Pipehitters Classic
August 24th, 25th, 26th: Oregon Summer Games
September 8th: Oregon Throwdown
September 22nd: IKFF KB Meet
September 29th: T-Town Throwdown
October 6th: GG @ The Den
October 20th: One Hour Long Long Cycle
October 27th: Occupy Strength Utah
November 3rd, 4th: Taranis Winter Challenge
November 16th, 17th, 18th: IKFF Nationals

Look at that… So much competing…

Who Doesn’t get excited?

Personally my arm feels the need to bang a shield and cry to the heavens. But I must be what I am… A Coach. So there will be little marauding for me. Instead I decide to kindle the FIRE. I decide to keep the Fire burning.

And as this Fire Grows we need a flag… A Flag to march too….  Time for a face lift, and now we have a new banner to wave…
Sexy aint It…

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“He got Slimed…”

Posted in Articles on July 26, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

I Saw this yesterday, I’m sure everyone did for that fact it was posted EVERYWHERE (Got love the internet.). But for those who did see it heres a recap and some more to follow it up.

Oh thats Nasty (Click Here) but at least it didnt hit anyone….

It’s alright Chicks do it too…

Moral of the story, if your close enough to judge, Don’t get slimed….

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I/C Bigger Dance

Posted in Articles on July 25, 2012 by fiman61

Once there was a dream that was the I/C Bigger Dance. You could only whisper it, anything more than a whisper and it would vanish. What is the I/C Bigger Dance?  Would you like to know more.? The I/C Bigger Dance started as an idea. Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate. The seed of this idea took root in friendly banter between several I/C members at the gym over a copy brews. It was simple, who is the better actor between two combatants. It seemed a simple enough notion, what harm could come from it. Boy that escalated quickly, I mean it really got out of hand fast. And it did not end that one night, it continued on to the next meeting and so forth. Finally the esteemed Joseph Hazard claimed the only way to settle this once and for all was a tournament. But who would step and put the time into this endeveaor. You need people of intelligence on this sort of mission…quest…thing…

In the upcoming weeks, 32 highly trained actors will do combat to determine who is the best. Who was the selection committe? Top men. Who made the cut? Well what’s your fancy? Super heroes? Got those. Badasses? Got those. Oscar winners? Got those. For the female readers (at best guess there are about 13 of you currently) most of them aren’t hard on the eyes either. And don’t worry about the integrity of the tournament being in jeopardy. The selection committe raged back and forth, the initial matchups will brawls, there ain’t no easy outs here. We ain’t crowning no paper champs, you got to put in your own work around here. 

But this isn’t just an argument between Filer brothers. You, the people, will decide with your votes the winners. And don’t be shy about casting your vote with the thought that your favorite doesn’t need it. What happens to the person with the lesser number of votes?

So make sure to tune in for first round action stating this Thursday. And oh what’s my prediction for the Tournament?

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“What are you Writing about…”

Posted in Articles on July 22, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

You ever get writers Block?

You know most people have, well back in school that is. School when you were forced to write papers for class. Something was expected so you had to produce.

And then you couldn’t.

Man was that fucking stressful.

And who needs stress? I read somewhere cant say I remember where exactly. But it was that stress is the silent killer. That’s kinda funny to me actually cause I feel like EVERYTHING in the world is the Silent Killer now adays. That title has been put on anything that has ever caused anyone any kind of discomfort in the world. Anyways that aside, YES News fucking flash, stress is shitty.

And who isn’t fucking stressed now adays. It is a stressful damn world, those blessed idiots who decided to keep there heads in the sand and lead a “Stress Free Life” shouldn’t breed. It’s part of life. Today I have writers block, and that shit is stressful.

Well why write then? Why not put it off?

Because I write to get the shit out. Thats what this blog use to be a simple place to write about shit only I cared about. It still kinda is I guess but thats not the point I’m making.

Today is the 315th post we’ve written for Old Country. We put up our first article on March 31st 2010, and for the most part we have stuck to our goal of 3 articles a week. Not always a simple task mind you. Countless texts between my brother and I…

“Hey whats goen on old country tomorrow?”

“I thought you had it?”

“What? I thought you did!?!”

Cue angry Filer brother texting about who’s fault it really is…

But you know what? I shouldn’t get to stressed I choose to do all this. I choose to not live a life with a face full of sand. I choose to weather storms and stand against tides and hold the line. It’s not easy sometimes but I do it. And my writing helps.

People come and go. Trends rise and fade but I dont think that will ever happen with all this, at least not to me. I deal with the stress, I believe in the Club.


Because it’s what I choose to believe.

When every I have writers block I go back to a certain article, It was called “For the love Of the Game…”
And while to some people it was just an article posted in January of 2011 probably forgotten by most, but it’s not forgotten by me. It ment something to me, like the Club did and still does.

Todays article was about stress originally. Stress because I couldn’t find the words to get out about something I was feeling.

But then I read that article and realize I’ve already written the words, and I smile. And sometimes I think maybe those words don’t carry weight to other people like they do for me. Which to the writer in me is very vexing.

But then I see things like this on our Training Log…

“That’s the nature of selling out I guess. But there are still plenty of legit people out there (Z and the rest of the Club being an obvious example) who will carry on doing sweet shit for real reasons that don’t involve selling more shoes or just making a buck.”

It’s the little things that make me smile I guess.

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Posted in Articles on July 19, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Dark Knight Hype, Yeah I’ll take some…

You know what also happens today? That one dreaded day of the Year that my Brother Nickay decides to Fuck my World up.

My Birthday…

I’m not sure what he’s got in store for me as far as a “Birthday Workout” goes this year. But if it’s anything like the last two it’ll involve Shotgunning Beers mid workout and me violently puking in a bucket.

I’ll try and keep you all posted as to what I’m doing when I hear about it myself…

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“Lets get This Show on the Road…”

Posted in Competition on July 17, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

Between Stage 5 planning for PipeHitters and everything else thats involved in the inner workings of the Club we’ve been pretty busy. But don’t worry Rootube hasn’t shut down. After the long wait Day 1 of the Crossfit NorthWest Regionals makes it’s debut.

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