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“Courage is Found in Unlikely Places”

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6, 2016 by oldcountrystrong

Well I had a good talk with a friend of mine last night. Among the regular bullshit friends talk about and plan when having such conversations I received a interesting question.

“Why don’t you write anymore?”

It was a legit question that I had a number of excuses for but nothing that could back why I had stopped. Words have always been a outlet for me. I’ve always found my footing and grounded myself in using my words and vocalizing them. And when a friend told me last night that things I had wrote about didn’t only ground me but other folks that read them too I had to stop and look back at how much words meant to me. And in that conversation I realized how important writing was too me.

“Courage is found in unlikely places…”

Tolkien said that, he is far and away my favorite writer. Everyone has a favorite writer, you can honestly not read that much and still find yourself drawn to someones words, thats the beauty in them. When I was younger I was fearless with my words. Therapy to some people is talking with someone. To me it’s always been words. Written or spoken its how I’ve felt I could be the most authentic and honest with myself.

My brother and I use to write on this blog three times a week. It all started as that place to be honest and authentic. We wrote about about training, movies and hardships in life.

But the more I wrote, the more people started reading. And honestly it became hard for me to be honest. A small blog about life, training and movies was easy when it was a small blog about life, training and movies. And then like that I lost grasp on why I was writing and at certain point it started to feel like a job. And that’s when it became easy to lose focus on what was important and just see the job. That’s when I stopped writing.

I didn’t enjoy it anymore. 

I lost focus on what made me happy and made what I needed to get done my only goal. And to get back to being honest, that isn’t anyway to live life. Your goals need to be your goals and your life needs to be your life. And you need to live it. And if words help you express yourself in that journey then should just fucking use them (good to get back to swearing in my writing too, sorry Ma).

In a era of vapid social media its easy to not want to not write these. But as I was told if three people find what you write to be meaning then you should write it. So I’m going to do it. After years of writing three times a week to taking years off I can finally requote one of my favorite movies.

“Believe me… Nothing is trivial…”


Thanks Joe. (No proof reading as you requested, wouldn’t be me if I did)

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Transfer Complete

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2013 by oldcountrystrong

You can find the NEW home of Old Country Strong by following this link

All of our content from over the years has transferred to the New Site.

‘But you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs”

Posted in Uncategorized on August 22, 2012 by fiman61

Alright it’s late, really fucking late. Like if I eat anything right now I will turn into a gremlin late. So this will be short and sweet. We are down to the Final Four for the IC Bigger Dance. Let’s get to the matchups.

DeNiro v. DiCaprio

The old guard vs. the new guard. One of my favorite director of all time (Martin Scorsese) first go to guy (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas) vs. his current go to guy (Gangs of New York, the Aviator, the Departed). Both actors are able to convey different sets of emotions without saying a single word perfectly. Tell you the truth if I were asked to name a counterpart of the opposite generation for either of these actors it would be the other guy.  Here is a scene from the one movie they were in together.

Eastwood vs. Nicholson

Icon vs. icon. This matchup will push all the limits of decision making. Does Clint’s combination of acting and directing help overcome the sheer disadvantage in acting the Nicholson have This is in my opinion the classic movie star vs. actor argument. Eastwood had the classic films of his youth (Man without a name, Dirty Harry) combined with the critical acclaim of his twilight years (amazing success as a director, 2 nominations for acting, 2 movies in which he starred in which would Best Picture). But how does that compare with the sheer critical acclaim of Nicholson.  Nicholson has starred in 10 movies nominated for Best Picture (second all time for actors) 3 of which won  all of which he played a key part in. He has 13 Oscar nominations for acting (all time record for actors) with 3 wins in acting (tied for first all time for actors). I think the answer is clear who the winner here is Clint lovers but you don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on the blog, you want watch Nicholson, you need me on that wall.


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I can’t quit you…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2011 by Swole Patrol

Well it been roughly 6 weeks since I made by reflections on what and why OCS was so important to me. I headed off to resume grappling and MMA training while tossing in 2 days a week of strength and conditioning in the garage. What has happened in those six weeks is like a horror story of fail.

The first week of grappling wasn’t too bad, I was sucking wind and getting my ass handed to me by a couple of pro fighters but nothing I couldn’t handle.
Second week I twisted my repaired knee a little bit and tried to work through it which really didn’t help, after a visit to the Dr and a diagnosis of a sprained LCL I rested it a bit and returned to training. Almost immediately my other knee had something happen to it, I’m not sure what but the sumbitch hurt enough I almost went to the ER the first night, after that the pain was intense but only when I tried to squat. I tried to keep rolling and training but its pretty hard to do when I can’t bend one knee with any weight on it.
I tried ice and resting for about a week but it wasn’t getting a lot better so I pushed through and went back to rolling and stand up work.
Next came a week in Hawaii where I laid in the sun, drank beer and fruity drinks, and floated in the ocean. It must be something about the water over there, or the sun, or the beer, but when I got back my knee was feeling about 90%.

While I was laying in the sun bronzing myself for a week I had a lot of time to think…

I love this gym, this club, and all the people involved.


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More to come just getting started

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