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“Yup that one’s on my List…”

Posted in The Mad Mule on October 2, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

So I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been fuckin busy.

So busy that I’ve been draggin my feet on my writing and the funny thing is I’ve had a lot to write about. I know I’ve gotten articles up lately. Mostly it took me two fuckin weeks to get the PipeHitters Recaps done something I use to bang out in a week. Why? Cause I’ve been busy that why.

So the whole time I was thinking about explaining this or ranting about that, I was busy. Always with this or that (and not the this or that I’d like to talk about) sometimes I just wanna say…

At times I feel like this it’s best I remember my writing helps keep me sane. And with the huge depth of articles OC covers I figured it was probably just fair to start giving people a heads up when I’m gonna sound off about something. Even if it’s just Coaching advice. Cause you know what? If you find yourself on the site and you don’t like what we have to say sometimes, it’s easy don’t read it. Or Better yet CLICK HERE.

So from now on if you see a an article submission go up under The Mad Mule, chances are theres gonna be some shenanigans.

So what is it gonna be about today? Proper loading of Russian style volume lifting mixed with Kettlebell Complex Progressions? Maybe a talk on why people need to be utilizing in their workouts to help monitor lactic levels and keep your heart rate low? How bout a “how too” on running a proper athletic event or being a better coach to your athletes at one of these said events? Na not today, I’m kinda tired to be all serious and shit.

No, I want to talk about “The List”

Whats “The List” you ask? Well it actually didn’t exist until  a conversation this morning with a good friend of mine. What were we talking about? Nothing pretty much just running or mouth at each other. But from Past Experience this is when we achieve some of our greatest work. Here how we got from point A to Z today folks.

The Mad Mule: “So your not gonna believe it the Mobilty Tigers walked back into our lives last Night.” (The Mobility Tiger is the nickname we have for a very agile inflexible friend of ours who been on hiatus.)

Sky: “Oh no shit, how’d his cleans go?”

Blah, Blah, Blah

The Mad Mule: “Yeah he’s got pretty ripped up when he was gone.”

Sky: “Word?”

The Mad Mule: “Yeah said he was Zoning but was gonna switch to the Warrior Diet, which to me means his girlfriend was Zoning Down there and making all his food.”

Sky: “Yeah I gotta try that sometimes, wait. No, no I dont. I’ve Been on a three decade linear progression of making my body turn trash into excellence.”

The Mad Mule: “Yeah if the third world war was to hit tomorrow we wouldn’t be eating fucking paleo. No it’d be peaches out of cans and shit, like fucking Red Dawn. That caveman shit isn’t getting you ready for the big one. We’re just preparing ya know.”

Sky: “Ya speaking of preparing I was thinking of doing some (Insert crazy exercise) later today for some extra work. What’d do you think about that?”

The Mad Mule: “Was that programmed today?”

Sky: “No but you got understand I’m like a big kid in candy shop at work, it’s all just asking me to lift it.”

The Mad Mule: “Well Shit…”

This is when we came up with “The List.” You know The List everyone has with their wives or husbands. The “Celebrities I can Sleep with List,” you know the list I’m referring to. The “Just in Case I run into So and So famous person I may have a chance to get with List.” Well if your not familiar with this list you should probably make one. I myself being against the institute of marriage (drives Nickay fuckin nuts everytime I say that) don’t have one.


What those kinda Lists did give me was a notion to create a cheat list for Sky so he didnt break himself. All the shit talk aside on this matter running a well thought out goal oriented program for a very large group of athletes can be a challenge. Especially when your like the I/C and use one program to train for everything with interchangeable options on a day to day basis.

So creating Little Cheat Lists for individual athletes can be a good thing. You know cause thats what coaches and trainers do right? They create program models or Cheat Lists in this case for those that seek to better themselves through said Coach or trainers helps.

It may be fucking stupid but if your athlete thinks doing some extra armbars, pullups or Trunk work is gonna help them (even if its just in their head, more on that in a later article) then work with them. Shit I’ve even told people to Run the Rack or toss in some cable crossovers before. (Alright the last two are more for my boys who are pissed cause they dont look as strong as they are, and No I dont have my own Cable cross over machine but some people do. Look Good Play Good Right?) The point is if you are looking out for the longevity of your athletes monitoring their additional volume is important. If it’s to much work to give them 10 exercises to do on days it doesnt conflict with your Program flow then charge them for it.

But really in the end if you dont have the time tell them to throw a list together and tell them if it works or not. In all honesty if your good at your trade this shouldn’t take very long to scan a list of 10 exercises to keep your ADD crazed trainees in check.

Now does this mean I’m gonna go out and make a thousand Cheat Lists for my home gym tomorrow? No. And for the most part I’d tell people to bring me a list of things. And you know what when I look at it I’ll probably remember why I’m the one that runs the program in my gym.

Because for the most part when people are left to their own devices they break the shit out of themselves.

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