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“On this Team, We Fight for that inch…”

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Relive or view the drama that was The Old Country Combine. For those of you that were there, post your favorite moment to comments….

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“I am not a warrior. Very soon, You Will Be…”

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What is our message. Old Country and Caliber are a lot different than a lot of the forums and programs in our community.

We’re not really all that Crossfit, we’re certainly not a power lifting program, and we aren’t Oly lifters. When I get asked how Old Country athletes train, my answer is pretty simple.

“We train to be hard.”

It’s pretty simple in life and in your training. You can choose to be a Viking or you can be a Victim. Caliber Cycle is showing up in more and more States and Old Country isn’t going anywhere. Wear your colors with pride and support the movement, I choose to be a Viking.

New Old Country and Caliber Cycle shirts and tanks are available for pre-order.
See mock ups and order here. Design previews below.


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“They look like big, good, strong hands, don’t they…”

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Well we’re two weeks into the Crossfit Games Open online competition. Two weeks down and one workout… One Workout? Yeah one damn workout. The unstoppable juggernaut that is the Crossfit Games(you’ve seen their Reebok commercials right?) hit a glitch. If you read this I’m sure your familiar with the Crossfit Games and the issues the site has been having. So I won’t bore you with that explanation.

I understand the concept. I understand what they are trying to do with this online competition. But what I don’t think they understand is what it’s doing to some of the people who love what is said to be “The sport of Fitness”.

My job is a Coach(and online Anarchist), and as a Coach I get very close with my athletes. Their success is my success, their failures are my failures. When they hurt I hurt. I told you guys in a post last week that I find comfort in movies. And I liken this whole situation to the problem in  The NeverEnding Story.

I try and hold on for you. I know its frustrating. I know how hard some of you have worked. I understand it feels like the little guys is getting the shaft on some of Crossfits choices dealing with the games. I Wish it wasn’t the case. I see some of your competitive fires being diminished by the whole thing it makes me feel like Rock Biter…

I’m your Coach. I feel like I have big strong hands. I always thought that’s what they were. But between athlete frustrations or complaining at the end of week one I was spent. I didn’t even care about Open WOD 1 when I first did it. I was like Rock Biter, I thought my hands were strong, but the Nothing was pulling my love of the sport away.

Lucky for me my brother had a Come to Jesus Talk with me about it. And I had another opportunity at WOD 1. But even with a better performance in the books I was still dealing with upset athletes and it was weighing very heavy on me.

You know what I decided?

Fuck It.

Thats right I said Fuck It.
To quote Fight Club – “You had to give it to him: he had a plan. And it started to make sense, in a Tyler sort of way. No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”

It’s suppose to be fun. The day I lose the joy in what I do is the day I stop doing it honestly. So what did I do last Friday? I’ll tell you what I didn’t do…

I didn’t sit in front of a computer screen hitting refresh on some Online Competition page. No I took joy in my training and what I do. I felt like kicking back and just lifting cause it’s what I love to do. And you know what it was fun again.

Do what you love.

Video by: Roo (I thought the multiple adjustment shots were hilarious)
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“You ARE the Brute Squad…”

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Eight weeks of work. Eight weeks has a purpose this weekend. The athletes of the OCS 5th Edition Strength Athlete Caliber Cycle get to throw down. The Old Country Combine kicks off at 12pm on Saturday.

Represent your program, come to bang. But dont get to comfortable. The 6th Edition starts in 4 weeks.

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“Yeah, it’s St. Patty’s Day, everyone’s Irish tonight…”

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This is usually a day for Guerrilla Lifting submissions. But instead I decided I have to post this email I recieved from my dear sweet Mama Filer about my Pap. You wonder where I get it? – Z

Filer Family St. Patrick’s Day Story

 So about 11:45 Thursday night Michael(My Pap) comes upstairs.

Pap -“Where are the bandaids?”

Ma – “Why? And what time is it anyway?”

Pap -“I cut my arm opening a jar of pickles.”

Ma -“You’re kidding, right? Let me see.”

Long pause…

Ma -“I think you’re going to need stitches. That is really deep.” How the hell? Why the hell?”

Pap -“Still St. Patrick’s Day – was going for something green…”

After searching for big enough bandaid or something appropriate – and looking at cut again…

Ma -“I don’t have anything – what about superglue?” (KIDDING)

Pap -“Yeah, let’s try superglue.”

Ma -“Michael, I was KIDDING (using my best Charlie Sheen imitation.) Besides, I would have to go to the store.”

Pap -“Never mind, I’ll just wrap it up in this old dishtowel and we can decide what to do in the morning.”

It is now midnight and the check-out guy at Safeway looked at me questioningly when I checked out with a tube of Superglue and butterfly closures.

Now before I do this, I’m going to check it out online. Hmm…. closing a wound with superglue… Simple enough – Wash wound vigorously, apply superglue to edges of wound, using fingertips apply gentle pressure to close the edges of the wound being careful to not glue your fingertips to the wound. No problem..

Ma -“Wake up Michael! First we have to wash this out – vigorously.”

Pap -“Ouch!”

Ma -“Quit being a baby.”

Pap -“Wow, that really is deep isn’t it?”

Ma -“Are you sure we shouldn’t go to the ER?”

Pap -“Nah, this is what we used when I was a doctor in the war.”

Ma -“Hold still!”

Pap -“Hold that sumbitch together!”

Ma -“I am – hold still! Shit, I have superglue all over my fingers now.”

Pap -“You’re pulling the hair on my arms.”

Ma -“HOLD STILL! I don’t want to glue my fingers to your cut!”

After a minute…

Ma -“Wow, that really works! Does it hurt?”

Pap -“Not really… Say, did I ever tell you that my great great great grandfather old Stickum Filer invented the first superglue?

Ma -“Not tonight, let’s get it covered up and go to bed, Pickle Man.”

Ma -“By the way, how did you cut it anyway?”

Pap -“I was using the meat cleaver to try to pry the top of the canning lid off. At least I had the sharp end pointing away from my fingers. Think it will leave a scar?”

No comment…

Two days later, wound is closed and looks to be no infection. I would not advise anyone to use this technique unless dealing with a stubborn Irish, German, Russian at nearly midnight on St. Patrick’s Day. But it really works!

Written by: Mama Filer

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“We stand Against the tide and We don’t Move…”

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If your familiar with Old Country or the Filer brothers who run it for that fact, your know we love movies. In fact pretty much every article title on here is a movie quote.

My family LOVES movies.

Star Wars, TombStone, Top Gun we quote movies at our dinner table more than we talk at family gatherings. Some people find meaning in books or art. I find answers to a lot of my questions in life in movies. Yeah some people might think it’s silly but I’ve said it before…

“There are very few questions in life that can’t be answered by watching  Point Break.”

All cock mockery aside(Kill Bill), this is when the post gets a bit more serious. The title of this post isn’t exactly a movie quote. It’s based off one.

Based off one?

Yeah, that’s what I said, a saying based off a quote. It’s actually one that I put a lot of weight in. Like I said some people might find putting so much in movies silly. But I don’t. Some of my favorite times with my Old Man weren’t watching the Super Bowl or World Series. They were watching A Few Good Men for the 50th time(I can quote the shit out of that, and I’m pretty sure it’s why Nickays a lawyer).

Well this one isn’t from A Few Good Men, it’s actually from Gangs of New York. Not Leo’s best work, but Daniel Day-Lewis was flawless. His role as William Cutting(Bill The Butcher) was epic. He took the screen and you couldn’t take your eyes away. Yes, There Will Be Blood, and The Last of the Mohicans were amazing. Actually The last of the Mohicans is beyond amazing. I can be flicking through the channels half awake at night not really watching anything. I’ll  hear this song for a second and instantly recognize it and watch the whole movie.

Fucking EPIC… I hope you watched that whole clip cause it’s worth watching.

But anyways back to my original statement. Daniel Day-Lewis’s role as Bill The Butcher had a pivotal role in my life. People will tell you that Rudy’s story or Rocky changed their life some how. But for me, when Bill(Daniel Day Lewis) turns to Amsterdam(Leo) and says…

“Because that’s how you stand up against the rising of the tide.”

Something in me just clicked. I turn to that thought when ever life gets hard. I’ve even taken it and added to it making my own mantra. I’ve stood holding upset friends or gotten in a athletes face before and said this.

“We stand against the tide and we don’t move.”

I believe this more than anything. I grew up on the shores of West Seattle, my back yard was the Puget Sound. Every day I watched the tide come in and go out. I watched the tide flat I knew growing up change against the coming tide every day. I was still living there when I first saw Gangs of New York. I remember watching the tide one morning and thinking of that quote. And that’s when I promised myself I’d stand against the tide.

There are things in our life that our out of our control. They happen and we can’t stop them. But we do know they’ll happen, that’s life. The tide comes in and the tides goes out. It always threatens to wash everything away.

The real question is this.

Can you walk out into the water and stand?

The Tide will come in and it WILL go ba back out. You can’t stop it. But are you strong enough to stand against it and not move?

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“Now, what are you gonna do?”

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It’s that time of year again. Competition Season is upon us. And with the new Games format, last years Sectionals has been replaced with a 6 week Open. Info on the Open can be on the new fancy Games Site. You can also find a interesting article that our very own GogO submitted on there.

And how would it not be Competition Season if I didn’t post this…

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