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“Yeah well I wanna Be Pimps from Oakland…”

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Thank God its Friday, so much and so little time though




Always next year… But I’m gonna bring my kilt to this wedding and the Kent family OCBC rally (well mostly OCBC). We’re cutting down a tree for caber tossing. Epic

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“Very good, but brick don’t hit back”

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Here on Old Country Strong, we strive to celebrate atheletes of different backgrounds. The only requisite, they must be bad ass.  And off that basis, there may be no badder man than former Kumite champion Chong Li.

Who is Chong Li? Hailing from South Korea, Chong Li beegan his life by walking the Earth, you know like Caine in Kung Fu. He walked from place to place, met people, got in adventures. Why? Not because he was looking for the meaning of life, no because he was badass. He got his first taste of martials arts competition while working as a bodyguard to a Mr. Han. Mr. Han held a tournament every three years, no holds barred. Here Chong Li started to display his trademark viciousness.

Chong Li decided to take his talents to the Kumite, an illegal and underground full contact martial arts tournament. With his sheer power and determination, Chong Li won the 1975 Kumite. He gained notoriety from “accidently” killing a fellow competitor in his run for the gold. He even set the world record for fastest knockout at 14.8 seconds. Other than a nose injury which required him to blow his nose before a big fight, things could not be going better.

But than in the year 1980, a series of unfortunate events occurred. First, while preparing for the Kumite Chong Li injured himself while breaking blocks of ice (film evidence shows him breaking 2 blocks but leaving the 3rd untouched). Next he drew a bad draw in the Kumite bracket. See below.

I mean, some fat American Orge got a better draw than the reigning champ. But neither this nor tricks with bricks would deter Chong Li. Here are some highlights of his domination of the competetion.

Finally, Chong Li made the finals where he fell in the greatest Kumite match of all time to Frank Dux. The loss combined with allegations of cheating forced Chong Li fell into a  deep slump. He eventually turned back to being a bodyguard where he had a chance encounter to show his old foe once and for all who was best (as well as execute a perfect snatch with an oil barrell at 1:10 of the clip).

So to Chong Li, 1975 Kumite champion and all around badass, the OCBC salutes you!

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I bat ya can box a little, can’d ya sir? Aye, you look like a boxer…

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I’ve always been told the universe provides…

– 5 AM my day starts

– 5:40 I finally get up and let my dog out… SHIT gotta open the gym at 5:45

– 6 AM start class answer all question pertaining to my birthday workout the day before which included shotgunning a number of beers.

  “Yes I did it”

  “Of course I puked”

  “Why wouldnt I keep drinking after it?”

– 9 AM finally done with with classes and privated session covering the press, push press, and push jerk

– 9:05 realize I mummbled my way through all classes, laugh at myself then realize I need to get a post up on Old Country. I have no inspiration to write on

– 9:15 General internet surfering and catching up on some of my favorite sites. Read a article on 70’s Big about Mark Felix, do some follow up youtube surfing on him and it all clicks

Monday I posted on Andy Bolton, I spent some time looking for interviews with him where you couldnt understand him because of his english accent (in my mind this would have made him that much more fucking epic). But sadly Big Andy speaks with the tone of a english poet (well not really). But when researching our friend Mark Felix I found the little gem you can see below.

No it’s not Mark speaking in tongues but his coach. And of course he’s coaching on the push press. Oh the irony when this all came together, here was my crazy accent I was searching for monday. And I happened upon it the day that I literally butchered the english language trying to also describe the push press (butchered even more so then my west seattle pigeon slang that comes out when I’m drunk).  I’m pretty sure this is how I was trying to coach today…

I really wish Big Andy talked like that I really had big “pikey” dreams for him. What’s “Pikey” you ask?

You think that was over acting? I think not check this big fella out…

Ah I needed a post and the universe provided. I think I need a “beer and a lie down now”.

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Horse Gut, Gorilla Back

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Here’s a  quick post for you guys kicking off a week that will be sung in the halls of Valhalla for a great time to come. We have our first annual PipeHitters Classic this weekend, I turn another year older, and we just wrapped another Caliber Cycle with results that speak for themselves. The amount of weight slain in the gym last week was epic. It even broke a new member into the OCBC with Margaux Chan pulling a 305 deadlift. I will have a full write-up and some videos to come for you guys documenting all of this. But in the mean time let me honor you all with a video of a living legend. A true juggernaut, a force of nature put to form, Andy Bolton. If any of you value yourselves as “horse eating mutant marauders” then  you should already know who he is.

If not, here is a peek at the man and a quote I heard from Rip about him. “I’d like to drink beer with big Andy… He looks like he can drink a lot of beer doesn’t he? Well doesn’t he…”

Here is the man Johnny admires and as describes as “Horse Gut.”

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1st Annual PipeHitters Classic Events Announced

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The name of the game next weekend will be Raw Power Output.
We are looking to field an event for some of our local and not-so-local Gorillas and SheApes.

Here’s some of what to expect at this year’s PipeHitters Classic:

WOD 1: “HULK SMASH” Overhead Medley

The Medley will consist of 4 stations, each with a particular object to rep from ground to overhead as many times as possible. Athletes will be given 45 seconds at each station. At the end of the 45 seconds, athletes will have 15 seconds to transition to the next station before the 45 second clock starts again.

Each athlete will be assigned a judge that will accompany them to every station, recording their reps. Equipment will be assigned to designated platforms. If equipment leaves the platform during lifts (like chasing the bar around the gym during Grace, etc.), the athlete must return it to the proper platform before they are allowed to rotate to the next station.

This workout will be scored on an every-rep-counts system. Your total number of reps from each station will be combined, and the sum will be your score for the workout.

Station #1: Olympic Barbell loaded to 135/95 pounds
Station #2: Strongman log loaded to 155/105 pounds
Station #3: Kettlebell long cycle clean and jerk weight 106/70
Long Cycle – Bell must be cleaned before every jerk from the swing position. We will be allowing two-handed cleans (given many athletes haven’t had access to large bells), you may clean and jerk from the same side the entire time if you so choose. Complete standards on clean and hand position will be covered day of competition.
Station #4: Axel Fat Bar loaded to 215/125 pounds
Axel may be cleaned from the ground anyway you like. Full, power, or continental cleans will be game.
WOD #2: “The West Seattle 50”
For time:
Tire Drag/Flip
10 Stone-to-Shoulders 116/72
50 Back Squats 155/105
10 Stone-to-Shoulders 116/72
Tire Drag/flip
Tire Drag/Flip:
Female athletes will be flipping a tire down a certain distance then back to their equipment station.
Male athletes will be using the same tires but dragging them to their station from a seated position with a rope. Tires can be dragged using a hand over hand or any way how style.
Standard will be covered day of competition.
Barbell must be taken from the ground and placed on back. You may drop the bar from your back as often as you like.
WOD #3 & #4

Well you don’t expect me to give the whole event away, do you?! But I will tell you some of the equipment and movements involved:
Heavy axel deadlift, kettlebells, and a REALLY HEAVY sandbag that may or may not have to travel a far or short distance…
Details on overall event scoring will be announced on competition day. Stay tuned for details about check-in and the event schedule.

See you all next weekend! Feel free to e-mail me with questions at Good luck Everyone.


On a side note we have 4 OCBC members competing next weekend. Sky, Wes “Amy”, Ryan “HollyWood”, and Joey Girl will all be looking to bring it home for the club. As posted below keep an eye out for these athletes and others profiles to come. The rest of us are working as judges and what not, looks to be a good time, HTFU!

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Who we are and what we are about

Posted in Profiles on July 14, 2010 by Swole Patrol

OCBC profiles are coming together.  Click each members name to find out a little about who they are.  A new profile will be added daily until all members and honorary members have been posted.


Well Bears Eat Salmon to get Big…

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While watching Fedor Emelianenko (if you dont know him you should) receive his first official loss the other night. The conversation came up about the champion he would have faced next had he won. Alistair Overeem, a hard-nosed former light heavyweight fighter who is the current Strike force heavyweight champion.

What does this topic have to do with OCS? Well in this conversation arose the topic of Overeem’s freakish “growth spurt”. Steroids said the wind, dedicated strongman style training whispered the mountains. But Overeems freakish size gain was hard to ignore. Until the man himself came out and stated how he accomplished this size gain. Up to 8 meals a day supplied steadily with “Horse Beef”.

Well with a group of us looking to start another hardcore paleo cycle of eating the fear of losing mass from lack of dairy is horrifying. John and I were ready to start eating salmon skin because as a friend stated “thats how bears get big.”

It made sense…

But after hearing of Overeems diet I started researching. Below is an article speaking on the topic of his diet along with a video of the man.

Taken from:

It’s not quite as bad as Lyoto Machida admitting to drinking his own urine every single morning, but Alistair Overeem seems to have some unusual dietary issues all his own.  In a recent interview translated by Robert K, Overeem said he’s changed everything about his life, from his girlfriend to his coach to his diet.  Now he lives mainly on “horse meat, rice, and protein shakes.”  And here you thought your dog was the only one on an equine-centric diet.

Turns out that eating horse meat is popular in certain parts of the globe that are not called the United States (the Mongolians even make a horse milk wine, so there).  According to the always informative Wikipedia:

“Horse meat contains 20% more protein than high quality beef cuts, 25% less fat, nearly 20% less sodium, double the iron and less cholesterol. When compared to ground beef, horsemeat has 55% more protein, 25% less fat, 30% less cholesterol and 27% less sodium.”

That sounds all right, if you can get past the fact that you’re eating a freaking horse.  I guess there’s no real reason, aside from the psychological ones, that it should be any weirder than eating, say, a cow.  And look what it’s done for Overeem’s physique!

Wait a minute, you thinking what I’m thinking?  All that speculation about how Overeem managed to go from a tall, kind of skinny light heavyweight to a bulky beast of a heavyweight centered on the theory that he was injecting something.  But maybe it’s the horses who have been injecting something.  You know, in their desire to get huge, floss, and get mares.  It all makes sense now.  And you know those horses are always outside tanning and stuff.  They really are the Phil Baroni’s of the animal kingdom.


And a video of him cooking up what I think is plain beef but he throws out the term “horse beef”… Weird

Sadly in my research I also found it illegal to buy “horse beef” for human consumption. We have hippies running things now apparently in this counrty. But I tell you what in the zombie invasion horses will be a hot commodity. They will be transport and a super solider food source! I can just imagine an army of juggernauts driven on “horse beef” fuel. Until then Johnny and I will have to settle for Salmon skin.

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“Well according to witnesses testimony and evidence, this massacre was the work of ninjas.”

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My day begins to end…

Check various websites…

Kids want to watch movie and pop into the TV a VHS of the cartoon Dino Riders…

My first response, I still have a working VHS player…

My second response, dude Dino Riders was sick…

My third response, dude I loved to watch great 80s movies on VHS that we taped off Showtime growing up at our old house with Z…

My fourth response, this would be perfect for the blog (I know this is a lot of responses but I have ADHD just deal with it) and so I text Z…

My text – “Can I do a OCS post on classicly bad 80’s movies?”

His text (almost instant response) – “That would b awesome”

My response – “I thought it would be good. I have the perfect film to start with”

His text (almost instant response) – “Fire away”

My text (almost instant response) – “American Ninja

Now for you young whippersnappers out there who don’t know, American Ninja was a classic 80’s movie starring the great actor Michael Dudikoff. I mean this movie rocks. It rocks so much I was tempted to place the entire movie (which is on Youtube if you are interested) on the post. But I decided that might be presumptious of me to tell you what you want to watch the whole movie so I found the original trailer for this cinema classic.


So your task if you choose to accept it is simple, post a VHS classic from the 80’s in the comments and how many times you think you watched it.

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“What the Hell is a Dim Mack???”

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My day starts…

Check various websites…

Notice someone wishing everyone a Happy Canada day…

My first response, text Sarah (my in house Canadian but its cool she ran track at Texas A&M)…

My text – “What the fuck is Canada day???”

Her text (almost instant response) – “Today, July 1st… A holiday celebrating the countries creation in 1867. We should have a special WOD for it”

My thoughts on this – ………

My thoughts (after I regain my composure) – “People celebrate Canada???”

My next text – “So do you guys get together and drink Labatte Blue or somethen???”

My next thought I need to watch something American and badass ASAP…

Post something American and Badass to comment…

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