Zach Filer

In Russia Practice means… REPS

Old Country Iron Club Chief Instructor
Old Country Strong Co-Author and Editor

Zach Filer is the Chief Instructor and Program Designer of Old Country Iron Club. While Zach has a substantial list of credentials, he puts the most pride in the success of his athletes and the countless hours of personal training and group coaching he has acquired over the course of his career. While some may say that he spends more time under the fluorescent lights of the gym than the sun, Zach feels it necessary to lead by example, working tirelessly toward improving himself as a coach and dedicating himself to those who entrust him with their training. Preaching the incomparable benefits of “rack time” (even for a coach), Zach continues to seek training under the most respected coaches and organizations in sport and strength in order to enhance all areas of his program.

Some of Zach’s most formative experiences as a coach have been working with organizations such as Pavel Tsatsouline’s RKC, Jeff Martone’s Tactial Athlete, and most recently traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia to study under living legends Sergey Rudnev, Sergey Rachinskiy and Sergey Mishin at the IKSFA Elite Training Camp to achieve his Kettlebell Sport Coaching Certification. Zach has also attended multiple seminars with barbell guru Mark Rippetoe and remains in contact with strength training authority and friend John Schaeffer.

As the head coach of his hometown’s CrossFit community, Zach has created a team of athletes that are a force to be reckoned with in competitive events that span the spectrum of sport, strength and endurance. He has served on the CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor Certification staff and traveles to gyms and across borders to lead his own IRON101 seminars.

Though Zach frequently competes in the strength and fitness arena in order to keep his perspective fresh, he is a self-proclaimed part time athlete and full time coach. Through all of Zach’s endeavors, he constantly works in the best interest of his athletes, the success of whom he holds as his highest priority.

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