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“That’s not strange at all”

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Monday April 30, 2012 is a special day for me. You see one year ago I was feeling a little bored and wanted to do something to keep myself busy. While figuring what to do with myself, I just so happened to watch a video on youtube about 100 movie quotes in 200 seconds.

And like that I got my inspiration, I love movies, I use movie quotes all the time when I talk to people, why not do a movie quote as my status update on facebook for 100 days. The goal was to have it like me and my brothers, where one person does a movie quote than someone does another quote from the movie. I set some ground rules for myself,: 1. If a person commented I would respond as soon as possible with another quote from the movie, 2. I couldn’t use a quote already used, 3. I couldn’t use the same movie twice in the 100 days, and 4. I couldn’t use any source but my own memory for the quotes (no IMDB). I thought it would be fun to try, I didn’t know it would take on a life of it’s own.

Well it got out of hand real quick, I mean it really kicked it up a notch. I hit 19 comments on my second day. I kept posting quotes and people kept commenting. By day 12 I hit 27 comments which is more responses to a facebook status of mine ever, this includes birth of my children. Some days I got no responses, some days over 30. I had friends I had spoken to you in a while become constant contributors. I had to create new rules, I couldn’t do really good movie quotes on weekends or universal days off as people didn’t check their facebook. I also started saving my all time great quotable movies for Fridays when people were just treading water at work (and also when I usually sitting around to get a case heard at court). Comedies and action films do the best.

When I hit the 100 day mark, I realized I still had a shit load of movies to post so I decided to soldier on. And on. And on. Finally one day someone at the gym asked me if I had ever not used a movie quote as my status update and it dawned on me, I was getting close to a year of quotes. I had to stay the course. Well that day has come. After Monday I am taking a break.  Before I sign off I am leaving you a list of most responded to movies. If you are a constant reader of this site, you have probably seen most of these movies, if you haven’t though please do yourself and those around you a favor and see them…immediately.

Twisted 20s (20-29 quotes) 23 movies:

SW: ROTJ 28, Legends of the Fall 28, Inglourious Basterds 28, Batman Begins 28, The Matrix 27, Predator 27, Blood Diamond 27, Blade Trinity 26, The 13th Warrior 25, Top Gun 24, Rocky IV 24, LOTR: TTT 24. Rambo First Blood 23, LOTR: ROTK 23, Friday 23, Tommy Boy 22, The Town 22, The Goonies 22, Office Space 22, Man on Fire 22, The Waterboy 21, Conan the Barbarian 20, Bad Boys 2 20

Dirty 30 (30-39 quotes) 12 movies:

Caddyshack 38, Blackhawk Down 37, Jerry Maguire 37, Dodgeball 36, Backdraft 36, Old School 36, Rocky III 35, Ricky Bobby 34, Back to the Future 34, SW: ANH 32, Tombstone32, Varsity Blues 30

The Top Films

5. The Departed 41 Quotes

4. Supertroopers 46 Quotes

3. Point Break 49 Quotes

2. A Christmas Story 50 Quotes

1. The champion with 70 Fucking 1 Quotes, Anchorman…

I think it be appropiate to post a movie quote as a comment here today. (Also I have save a classic for Monday if you want to comment).

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Alright boys and girls in total cliche Coach Z fashion.

And Here we Go…..

The 2012 Crossfit Regional Season kicks off today. The last stop before the Crossfit Games will come for many athlete each week. Whats that mean? Time to start calling out names. Who is your favorites to win this weekend?


I don’t know about you but that makes me want to grab a beer and fuckin fire up ESPN 8 “The Ocho” (Click Here).

Two HUGE Regionals in one weekend, we got the stacked South East and our action Packed neighbors to the North, Canada West. (Click Here)

Now if your not familiar with either of these Regions or the not to be forgotten South Central Region here are some links to the these Regions final Open standings.

South East – Click Here

Canada West – Click Here

South Central – Click Here

Alright folks, time to put your money where your mouth is. Lets hear your picks. You dont have to pick from each Region if your unfamiliar with any of the athlete or simple don’t care. Also feel free to rant about any dark horses to watch out for or any Team your pulling for. We’ll have a white board here at the I/C mother gym filling up with peoples pick.

So who’s it gonna be….

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“It’s for the Kids”

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Alright, it’s time to do some good. Jaime, the mythical 3rd Filer brother, is coaching me and Z’s nephew Caden’s AAU basketball team, the Jammin’ Black Mambas. They are currently selling tickets redeemable at environmentally-friendly Brown Bear Car Wash tunnel facilities throughout the Puget Sound area.  This next bit is from Jaime directly.

“The charity tickets are $8 each and are valid at any of the Brown Bear Car Wash tunnel locations throughout the Puget Sound area. A list of Brown Bear location can be found on-line at and will also listed on the back of each ticket. A lot of the kids on the team depend on fundraising to be able to play in tournaments throughout the summer.”

It’s a good pitch, appropiate for the general public. Now it is my turn to tweak it for our readers.

1. You guys have some dirty fracking rides. I mean I didn’t know cars came in mother of pearl. Summer time is quickly coming upon us, do yourself a favor.

2. You could always buy one for your favorite coach. Of course that would require the coachs car being able to you know…move. Details.

3. There’s more to life than being really, really, really, really ridicoulsy good looking and strong. I’m not sure what they are but helping a bunch of kids out has to be one of them.

4. Matt Damon gets it.

You seriously do not want Z going Jason Bourne on you. If you want to help out, contact Jaime.

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“You can’t fix stupid”

Posted in Articles on April 22, 2012 by oldcountrystrong

I got an interesting text from Z on Saturday. You see Z was at our good buddy Paul’s wedding on Friday night and while he was there decided to have a whiskey and coke. And that whiskey and coke lead to another.. and another… and well you get the idea. So on Saturday Z decided he would switch up his training a little bit and try a swimming crossfit workout. I am not good with words I will let Z’s text assorted texts tell you all you need to know.

“I almost died doing a swim WOD”

“I might puke in my mouth again”

“Don’t u judge me it was a long pool”

As I chuckle over how this must have looked, it got me to thinking of other stupid exercises the Filer boys had engaged in. Now before I get us any hate mail, these are things I do not find to be “stupid” hard but workouts we have found by experience are just stupid. If you like them, wells thats like your opinion man.

Virtual shoveling

This is a real crossift exercise, an early one (they were trying a lot of new things). Here is a video explaining how to do it.

Alright, there is our several factors in why I feel this is a stupid exercise. Maybe I am biased because of my experiences, I grew up near a beach and was shoveling my whole childhood, I helped fill sandbags as a teen in Iowa during the bad floods in the 90s, I know how shoveling feels, this aint it. Also the workout is just screwy and I felt like I was going to get hurt doing it. Maybe I will try it again, right after I get break my jaw again.

Hold your breath rowing

Don’t remember who came up with this one but we tried it out after class one day. Simple premise for the workout, who can row the farthest while holding your breath. I mean what could go wrong with this? I mean other than burning through all the oxygen in your body up by going a breakneck pace. People saw stars, white spots, and almost fell off the rower while going for one more pull backwards like Frank Trigg with Matt Hughes on my back.

Drinking and Olympic Lifiting

This could be titled drinking and any lifting but unfortunately I can tell you can do several different of exercises either while drinking during rest breaks or with a few before hand at good level of execution. Olympic lifting is not one of them. We all know that the olympic lifts require technique, coordination, focus, things that while drinking yeah. All I can tell you is doing 50 pushups after taking a shot because Oregon keeps scoring against your team is one thing, drinking a lot and than trying to power snatch in a basement leads to someone blowing out their shoulder. Don’t do it.

I ask you the reading public to submit any stupid workout that you have done. We have all done one, don’t be shy.

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“What Mitch is trying to say is, Love is Blind…”

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This post is gonna be straight to the point and Old School. Back when we first got started we’d do little writeups when we’d let people into the I/C. This was before we grew to the size we are now. Different states some folks in different countries, now we’re all over. 

But the main nucleus is still the same. Those that are in deep with the Club are recognizable. Their names pop up on the boards all the time and they rep the Club where ever they go.

One such name that is always around talking shit is PaulisDrunk. Paul is not only Club, he’s one of my best friends. We came up in the Fire academy together and we were part of a live in Fire Department program together. When our careers went separate ways we stayed close friends. Friends like that are hard to find, Friends like that are the kind you’d break your back for.

And in this case friends like that are the kind you let get married. Now usually this is something I’d try and talk one of my friends out of but this is a little different. Pauls marrying way above his pay grade and class, and ontop of all that Leigh a really great girl.

So today I’m not only attending the wedding but i’m part of it. And to tell you the truth I couldnt be happier for them.

Paul and Leigh, congrats you guys really are lucky to have found each other, Time to celebrate.

(I personally picked this song for when the get announced as Mister and Misses Leigh Shaw, no bullshit)

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“If you can Dodge a Wrench, you can Dodge a Ball…”

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Alright folks as mentioned in Mondays post we got a couple of things coming up on the docket.

First is the kickoff to our Kettlebell Season with an IKFF Meet in Tacoma Washington. The Meet is scheduled for  Saturday May 19th and all the details and registration info can be found HERE. A number of the I/C’s experienced kettlebellers will be unable to attend the Meet, which leaves room for all the new Young Bucks (yes you can be in your 40’s and be a young buck to a sport) to make their first appearance on the platform and shine.

Now I know some of you are unsure about the Meet. For those of you with that doubt, I have a question.

Why the Fuck do all this Training if you weren’t gonna put it to use? 

Trust me when I say there are easier programs then ours that can get you in “shape.” But you don’t want to just be in “shape” do you? You want to prove something to yourself, challenge yourself, show yourself that you’re not the desk job you have or whatever else you do 9 to 5 that pays the bills.

Climb mountains, run marathons, do a powerlifting meet, just fucking COMPETE some how. But wait! Here’s is a perfect opportunity and you don’t even have to travel very far.

There is always gonna be reasons not to do things. I myself just recently had this battle believe it or not. Let me take you down memory lane really quick in what in some of the more “recent” sport related set backs I personally have had.

2010 – Washington Crossfit Sectionals

I had my ticket punched for Regionals. I had already finished 4 workouts that weekend and all I had to do was FINISH the last workout and I was going to advance. In my second round of a muscleup workout, it happened again like it had happened in the past, my shoulder subluxed (popped out but dont worry it went right back in). It was an old injury that decided to kick me in the nuts at the worst time. Like I always do, I decided to grind out the remaining time and complete as much work as I could.

The result, I finished the workout so far at the back of the pack that it bumped my placing right outside the bubble and made me an alternate, shitty luck.

2011 Crossfit Season

This season would start with a Crossfit online qualifier known as the Open. In the second week of competition while strength training, a bad dump on a clean would break my wrist. I didnt accept this. I told myself it was just sprained, I soldiered on. After four more weeks of competing with the injury I’d find myself sitting in 64 place in the online Region, four spots outside qualifying.

But I solidered on. I trained for the Regional to again compete with a Team like I had the year before. I finished two days of competition before my wrist finally gave up. My body stopped listening and no matter how much I grinded the bones together I could not complete my task on the third day. Trust me I grinded that broken bone for 20 minutes and left all the skin on my wrists on the floor. Thats what I do, I grind. I dont give up.

2012 Crossfit Season

I take the I/C, it’s training and the way we approached the years Open in a complete different direction. I worked 7 days a week more hours then I could cant. The task seemed endless at sometimes but by the end it all payed off. We had 5 individual athletes in the top 30 qualified for the Regionals including myself, we would also be sending a Team to represent the Club.

That Saturday I took a huge sigh of relief and tried not to think about competing the rest of the weekend. Then it happened.

I woke up the following Monday with the worst flu I’d had in years. It took me out hard, it took out a lot of people I knew hard. But being short handed at the gym I had to continue to work. I took what was pretty much just the flu and made it worse. I ran myself into the ground while I was already 6 feet under. The result was pneumonia.

Three weeks, I’ve been down 3 weeks. And to tell you the truth it start to beat me down mentally. I have ground on broken bones and torn muscles, I’ve played through injuries in sports that would make some people sick to their stomaches. But the simple act of not being able to breath or train took me down hard.


I have never turned my back on a challenge. I have always carried myself with swagger and a desire to prove people wrong. But this was different. I didnt know how or when I would recover. Then this past weekend, I wrestled with a heavy choice. Should I just join our team?  I was already worried with having to juggle coaching 4 individual athlete as well our team while trying to compete myself. This lack of prep for an event I’d waited a year for was running down my disease ridden brain.

Yesterday I had to make the choice. Last call, who is on the Team? I didnt feel any better. Sleep still left me feeling more fatigued and I was still unable to take a full breath. Was I really ready to accept another challenge where the pain might not produce a result? Life will always find a way to kick you in the nuts, it’s up to you if your gonna let the excuses that it gives you dictate your life.

Funny thing is something I thought about to help me make my choice.

Nothing is killing me. I have been here before. I have wrestled on a torn knee, I have pulled myself up with a shoulder hanging by a thread in the socket and I’ve thrown weight over my head with broken bones.

I’m a Filer and if there is one thing we excel at it’s being fucking miserable. I don’t care what the outcome is I’m walking on that floor in May as an individual to represent myself and the Club and I’m proud of it.

Now ask yourself, whats killing you?











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“You Play BaseBall Like a Girl!!!”

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And I bet some of you boys are gonna wish you could kettle like one too after this article. Todays post is pretty short and sweet, but with the up coming Crossfit NorthWest Regionals and the beginning of Kettlebell season approaching I figured I’d keep everyone up to date on how things went down in the Western Zone of the Russian Kettlebell Sport Championships.

Allow me to introduce Alexandra Tsipluhina, new Womens Record holder for the 24KG Snatch in the Russian 68kg Weight Class.

I met Alexandra while I was in Russia she was one of the interpreters for the Training Camp I was attending. Little did I know what a badass she was. It wasn’t until I was back home in the States and was shown a video of her doing a set that I found out. The girl has some real grit.

Besides grit she has a very unique style. I know 10 minute snatch videos arent the funniest to watch but if you watch the first couple minutes and then go to the end of her set as well watch how her feet and legs move. Also her kettlebell toss at the end of her sets pretty sick. In the States we call dismissing the bell like that swagger.

The end result of her set is a amazing 142 snatches in 9 minutes and 30 seconds. Alexandra  is the student of legendary Coach Rudnev Sergey and does her Coach very proud in this set.

One other quick story about when I met Alexandra. The group was riding back from the gym on the bus one day. And if you’ve ever been in a moving vehicle in Russia its a bit all over the place. Anyways as we all held to rails and old leather handles from the ceiling, there was Alexandra free standing in the aisle. She wasnt simply standing there either. She was in a skirt suit and high heals. Imagine the seen of all this chaos going on and her standing perfectly still. Someone in the group asked her how it was she didnt need to use the rails while wearing her heals.

Her response was simple.
“My father taught me to brace against the air…”

Those Russian are on another level.

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Is it a Bird, is it a Plane? No. It’s “Super Samoan!”

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What’s that? You’ve never heard of “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt? Lend me your ears as I spin a yarn about a fighter’s fighter, a bull in a china shop, a 275lb wrecking ball of a man.

Straight from Wiki: is a New Zealand kickboxer and mixed martial artist of Samoan descent, currently living in Sydney, Australia. Hunt competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is known for his raw strength, iron chin and knockout power. He is the winner of the 2001 K-1 World Grand Prix.[1] Hunt was the first to beat Wanderlei Silva after his 4 year undefeated winning streak in Pride Fighting Championship.

Iron chin is an understatement, the dude’s head is like a bucket of concrete.  He has actually survived 2 Cro Cop head kicks.  You’ve never heard of Cro Cop head kicks, the infamous “Right leg hospital, Left leg cemetery” head kicks?  Well Mark Hunt survived 2 from the left leg, one knocked him down for a second, the next one just shook the sweat off:

Maybe you prefer two Samoan bombers involved in a “fight in a phone booth” bout:

The first man to beat Wanderlei Silva after a 4 year unbeaten streak, attempting an atomic butt drop:

The man is a living Superhero, maybe the raddest living Superhero.  He always brings the fight and comes to bang.  His MMA career went through a rough patch during the final days of Pride and his first few fights in the UFC but he in in the midst of a revitalization of sorts with  3 wins in a row. Hardcore fight fans have been in love with Hunt for years but now everybody is jumping on the “Super Samoan” wagon.  With the current number one contender failing a drug test the MMA Underground and fans everywhere are pushing hard to get Hunt the title shot.

Is he the most logical replacement for the fight? No.

Would the UFC be better if he won the title? No.

Would he come in swinging bombs away? Willing to take 2 in order to give 1? Smiling like a boss while trying to rip somebody’s head off? Yes.

That is what makes him a great fighter and that is why Super Samoan should be in the next fight with JDS for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Now that you are a fan of Mark Hunt lets join the Army of Darkness and try to get him into that title fight:

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“Yeah ya Shook Me…”

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Here it is Folks

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“Patience my Young Padawan…”

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Well anyone who is friends of Old Country Iron Club on facebook saw the results from this weekends in house Squat Meet. If you didn’t you should probably CLICK HERE and like the page so you can keep up to date. And hopefully by the time you do we’ll have that awful Mandatory Timeline view down.

Anyways, I could do a write up on the meet but Roo’s got a video in the Works so Patience while we wait for it everyone, Patiences…

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