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“Pay no Attention to that “MAN” behind the Curtain…”

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“Often Imitated, Never duplicated…”

Am I starting this post out with a shout out to WestSide Barbell? No, but I am using their slogan. I will also agree with Louie’s statement “I started this gangster shit and this is the motherfucken thanks I get.”

What I’m referencing doesn’t have to do with an Ogre tribe based out of Ohio at all. The what and who I’m giving a shout out to isn’t even an Ogre. The thing I’m referencing is what I jokingly call “RooTube” and the who is Roo. If you’re not familiar with the name she’s a regular here at Old Country. Not only is she a regular here but she is one of a select few that are qualified to Coach all aspect of the Old Country I/C Methods. Along with Roo’s Coaching duties she is also the Clubs Video Ace. And that’s where what I nicknamed “RooTube” comes in.

Marissa or Roo as we all call her is the force behind all of the Old Country Iron videos you see. She films pretty much all of our footage. But more importantly she goes through it all, edits it and then turns out our videos. One of Roo’s original works was her video for our “Strong Is Beautiful Week”. Now she’ll tell you it’s pretty “raw” compared to the stuff she’s currently doing. But that’s not what more than 19,000 people thought on the internet. Because when Roo happen to check the video the other day that’s how many views she realized she had on the it.

Roo takes her filming and editing pretty seriously. And we are lucky to have her. And with another Cycle getting ready to set off on Monday everyone who follows the Old Country Training Log is lucky. Roo approached me awhile back about trying to put a Old Country Video Library together for all of our less known movements and complexes. So starting next week when we tell you to do a stalled snatch followed by a half turkish getup. Or maybe a Kneeling Rack Hold or any of the other crazy shit I throw at you, you can thank Roo for some visual aid.

The 8th Edition training Cycle starts this monday. And with some new gyms and States involved this go around Iron Club continues to grow.

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“You want to Get Out of here? You talk to me….”

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And here we Go…

Old Country Iron Club’s Competition Team is at it again and this time we’re going over the Wall. This weekend three athletes will find themselves in foreign territory as we travel over the border into Canada. Why Canada? Because the inaugural Victoria Kettlebell Classic in this Saturday.

This event is a sanctioned by the World Kettlebell Club and is offering WKC’s newest event in Kettlebell sport, The Pentathlon. Whats that you ask? Well Unofficial Filer family Ogre kin, World Champion, and arguably the Best Kettlebell LIFTER in the World Ivan Denisov took the time to demo it. This video is worth watching…

Five six minute sets huh? Game, next stop Canada.

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“The Road Warrior…”

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Sometimes it’s hard to be in two places at once. I found this out the hard way this weekend. With the Competition Teams busy schedule and my Iron 101 Schedule juggling everything gets a little hard. So when our very own young James Bevan-Lee  told me he was going to be in Yakima and would like to compete in an event this past Saturday. I had to tell him with some regret that I wouldn’t be able to make the trip.

What James said was, “Hey I’m gonna be in Yakima and I thought I’d do that WODAPALOOZA.”

What James should have said was, “Hey I’m going to drive to Yakima friday night, compete Saturday then get back in my car and drive home.”

I found out James had driven home directly after the Comp when I found him walking on the street in typical James fashion at 10pm Saturday night.

“I thought you were in Yakima?”

“I was, then I drove home and I was at the store and figured it was such a nice night I’d walk around and stretch my legs.”

James was also still in his traditional Battle Jersey for those who know him, and for those that don’t, that’s James for you.

WODAPALOOZA didn’t exactly fit in our training schedule so it wasnt listed in our last upcoming events post. But it was being hosted by our friend and Club supporter Brendan Loyer of Yakima Crossfit. And it was also raising money for a good charity so I’m very glad James was able to go out there for Iron Club.

CLICK HERE for a local News recap of the Event

Not only did James show up to support a good cause and represent the Competition Team. He showed up and REPRESENTED the Competition Team. James has just recently returned from some extensive out-of-state training with the Coast Guard. So he hasn’t really been training the way we usually train. But that didn’t stop him from throwing down Saturday. On limited training and rolling in Road Warrior style by himself James took second.












Nice job James, way to go solo without a Coach and take a seat on the podium. 

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“Oh, right, like put up your Dukes…”

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August 27th Oregon Crossfit hosted their 2011 Summer Games. Some of the regions top competitors showed up for a shot at the title. Amoung them was Old Country Iron Club’s resident pretty boy Ryan “HollyWood” Andrews.

Ryan slugged it out for two days with former and current Games competitors. He walked in the unknown guy with the loud Coach and ended up barely missing the podium taking 4th. Out of 60 male competitors and some of the baddest Crossfitters in the area, Ryan showed he is Game

Roo recapped the two day event for everyone to see…

Nice job HollyWood

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“Kick the Tree…”

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For those that follow the Iron Club Training model. Shit’s about to get Real…

On October 3rd we will begin the 8th Edition of Caliber. If you’ve thought deloading was difficult, you have no idea what’s next. We will again see a 3 week Bulgarian Style program but the traditional lifts you’ve seen associated with it will be replaced.

One Word, Complexes.

And if you think our kettlebelling has reached its apex you’re in for a reality check. I will drag you all the way to stage 5 kicking and screaming and you will thank me for it in the end. If you’re not interested in walking the path then this training Cycle isn’t for you. I’m not looking for excuses.

So if I say “Kick the Tree,” I Mean Kick The Tree.

We are in the middle of competition season and this is our best 3 week training window, and We are going to Train.

October 3rd, Walk in a Viking or a Victim.

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“I/C Competition Team IKFF Results”

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This weekend Old Country Iron Club rolled into Crossfit Eastlake ready to bang. As listed friday we had 10 athletes competing. Here is how things turned up for us.

10 Minute Unlimited hand switch Long Cycle 24kg

In the same weight class
1st Place: Nickay Filer – 119 Reps
2nd Place: Tim “BeastMode” Preston – 118 Reps

5 Minute Max Unlimited hand switch Snatch

Women 16kg

1st Place in her weight Class: Carrie Winecoff
1st Place in her weight Class: Margaux Chan

Men 24kg

In the same Weight Class
1st Place: Adrain Strain – 125 reps
2nd Place: Skylar pond

Ranked Events

Womens Long Cycle 16kg

1st Place in her weight Class: Jamie Papineau – 85 reps

In the Same weight class
1st Place: Michelle Chan – 125 reps Achieved Rank 1
2nd Place: Margaux Chan – 120 reps Achieved Rank 1

Long Cycle 20kg
1st Place in her weight Class: Marissa Luchua – 93 reps
Achieved Candidate for Master Of Sport

It was a good day, a goooood day….

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“I ain’t got Time to Bleed…”

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Three 5 Minute Demolition Derbies….

Seven 10 minute battles with Gravity….

On Saturday 10 athletes representing Old Country Iron Club will have one thing on their mind, KEEP MOVING…

The Competition Team continues its season this saturday at the IKFF Northwest Kettlebell Meet. The Lab/Crossfit Eastlake will be hosting the Meet with Sports Men and Women from all over the country coming to compete. The Meet is scheduled to kick off at 7am and concluded no later than 1pm. Here is our list of competitiors and events they will be competing in.

5 Minute Max Snatch – Unlimited Hand Switch allowed


Carrie Winecoff, Margaux Chan


Skylar Pond. Adrian Strain

10 Minute Long Cycle(Clean and Jerk) – Unlimited Hand switches allowed


Nick Filer, Tim Preston, Matty Brenton

Ranked Division
WOMENs Long Cycle – One hand Switch at the 5 minute mark

16kg Bell Divsion

Jamie Papineau, Margaux Chan, Michelle Chan

20kg Bell Division

Marissa Luchau

This is the first time Ironstyle Kettlebell conditioning will be tested in a sport environment so come out and support the Club and your friends.

And if that wasn’t enough our very own Amina Saleh and pulling the weekend Ironman Matty Brenton will both be competing on sunday in the Police/Fire Crossfit Challenge put on by Kirkland Crossfit. Amina will be competing in the Crossfit division and Matty will be holding it down in the Strongman events. And a special Club shout out goes to Ellen and Deb who will also be competing in the 2 person team division.

I’m hoping to get more info about Sunday up in the comment section at some point. But you all know when the KB Meet is and I hope to see some of you there. This is the first time there has been a sport kettlebell meet in our region and people I hold in very high regard will be attending so please come show your respect and support to the sport.

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“Hell I’ve never even Heard of Anything like that Before…”

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As we all know this last Sunday was the 10th anniversary of 9/11. I chose to post my thoughts, others mourned in prayer and some dedicated actions to the memory of those lost.

If you aren’t familiar with Valery Fedorenko in one way or another then I’m surprised your on this site. Click HERE for a link to Valery’s site and list of accomplishments. Valery Fedorenko is Old School, and he is defintly Game.

On Sunday he dedicated the workout below to the memory of those lost on 9/11…

Absolute Strength

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“On this Side or the Other…”

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I try not to date myself on here. Honestly sometimes Coaching isn’t an easy job. It’s even harder when people are older than you, sometimes 10 or more years your senior. Sometimes they have even been in your field longer then you. So you can imagine age sometimes is a factor in getting people to listen to you. But sometimes I need to break my own mold.

My name is Zach filer. I am 27 years old and at 8:45 September 11th, 2001, I was 17.

I could tell you where I was when I first heard, bed, my Mom came in and told me.

I could tell you how many times I fought back tears at school hearing the reports come in class after class. People had called their wives and husbands from planes and buildings.

I could tell you I prayed for everyone that day.

But I don’t want to ramble to long, I could type this post for days and not do justice to what I want to say.

I was 17 years old, all my friends were 17. This was one of the defining moments of my generation. I attended a private “college prep” High School. Which pretty much ment if you weren’t actually going to college you were going into the service.

I had more friends for go college to enter the service because of that day then I can count. And I’m very proud of them.

I’m proud. I’m proud we had men and women that ran in when they should have run out that day. I’m proud we had men and women stand against evil. I’m proud of all my friends that decided to enlist after that day. I can never truly thank those friends  that came back for what they did. And I will never forget those that didn’t.

I was 17 on September 11th, We will Never Forget…

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“Go Big or Go Home…”

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, as mentioned Wednesday it’s Competition season. And as posted we have a USAW Olympic weightlifting event this weekend that will have representatives of the Iron Club Competition Team in it. Here is the breakdown for the meet.

Representing the Ladies we have Carrie Winecoff and Julie Liu
Weigh ins are at noon and they will be lifting at 2pm

Representing the Men we have Blake Johnson and Ryan Andrews
Weigh ins are at 2pm and the opening lifts will be at 4pm

The Meet is being held at Crossfit Lynnwood. I know it’s a odd time and not quite a local venue but I hope some of you will still be able to come out and support.

This video always gets me ready to lift….

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